How To Choose A Good Bottled Water Supplier?

Meta: In the summertime like this, you must want some great water Supplier. So how to choose a good bottled water supplier? Let’s find out here all you need.

How To Choose A Good Bottled Water Supplier?

Water is among the most important necessities for any outdoor activity in the summer. Among many brands in the market right now, how can we choose a good bottled water supplier? In fact, for each type of water, you can have different criteria to see if one brand might be better than the other. Here is some information for your reference!

How To Choose A Good Bottled Water Supplier?

If you notice, you might find some producers are most famous for one of their water products. Obviously, one brand can offer many great bottled water, but some other manufacturers may only focus on one type to deliver better quality. If you have visited any grocery store, you might find a variety of bottled water types such as alkaline or distilled water beside the basic normal mineral water.

Many terms on the bottles might sound pretty high-tech and nice, but some may truly have effects while others are just a marketing solution.

Other than the information you might find on your water in , in this writing, you can find some common types of bottled water with their meaning and some reference brands for the healthiest bottles.

Distilled Water

Distilled Water

Boiled from tap water into a vapor, drill water is then condensed into a liquid. This method helps remove impurities from the water, which is a good pick in the region with their impurities in tap water sources.

However, during the process of distillation, the manufacturer might remove from water many beneficial minerals. Hence, distilled water seems to leach minerals from the body and not be a good choice for daily drinking. If you need to have these types of water, you should buy from reputable brands in this type of water such as Waterwise, Mini Classic, AquaNui, and Steam Pure.

Mineral Water

Mineral Water

Referring to water from any mineral spring sources, mineral bottled water must contain 250 parts over a million dissolved solids following FDA regulation. These solids come from a physically and geologically secured water source underground.

This water can offer minerals such as zinc, magnesium, sodium, and calcium, which have been proven to bring many health benefits. To avoid any potential harm of mineral water when it has a lot of sodium, you should choose bottled mineral water from good brands, including Berg Iceberg, Hildon, or Waiakea Hawaiian.

Alkaline Water

This type is the one that offers added nutrients for a higher pH index and contains less acid than normal water. There are many options on the possible benefits of alkaline, including the ability to neutralize bloodstream acid, effectively expel toxins, and even protect against cancer or heart diseases.

Even though many studies show alkaline water might somewhat strengthen the bone, limit acid reflux, and lessen blood pressure, all of them are just small studies and insufficient for steady conclusions.

At least for now, you can have this type of water from some famous brands in the market right now to make sure they have enough studies on the benefit of this water to your body. These bottled water brands include Icelandic Glacial with a pH of 8.4, Perfect Hydration 9.5+ PH, or Evamor Natural Alkaline Artesian Water 8.4 PH, which can be found in big supermarkets.

Electrolyte Water

As a mineral water subcategory, the electrolyte conducts electricity during the dissolving process. Electrolyte bottled water is normally related to sports drinks such as Gatorade, as they might help athletes with recovery functions like rebalance body fluids and muscles.

 Some brands add some more ingredients like magnesium and potassium into this drink to enhance the electrolyte’s benefits. And for that, you can take some time to look at the nutrition facts on the bottles to see what additional ingredients they offer. Some reference brands for you are Essentia Ionized Water or Harmless Harvest Coconut Water.

Reverse Osmosis Water

Similar to distillation, reverse osmosis is a filtration procedure to filter impurities from normal tap water. The untreated water goes over a membrane with semipermeable traps that contain impurities, salt, minerals, and chemicals during the process. And just similar to distilled water, this type of water offers healthier options for anyone in the regions with contaminated water.

To avoid the situation of losing all healthy minerals, the best reverse osmosis water has minerals back when it is removed every harmful ingredient. So here are some brands you can count on: Penta Ultra-Purified Water, Propel Water, or Dasani.

Sparkling Water

Sparkling is a version of carbonated water. It has become quite popular recently when it is the top one consumed beverage in many countries like the US or the UK. The risk and quality of a specific sparkling might base on the water source itself, with one potential risk, the PFAS chemicals.

Hence when picking this drink from any brand, you should keep in mind to check the ingredients of this chemical on the drink. Some of the safe brands you can take into account are POLAR 100% Natural Seltzer and Perrier Carbonated Mineral Water.

Spring Water

Following the FDA’s instruction, spring water is extracted from a formation underground. More specifically, this water naturally flows to the earth’s surface at a specific location. It might be taken from a spring or by a borehole. Just similar to mineral water, spring water comes through little distillation so that it can retain natural minerals.

According to the FDA, spring water does not need to be pure or contain an appropriate amount of minerals. As for now, many spring water items are marketed as spring bottled water while they still contain contaminants. So you should wisely choose the one from a good brand with a good source of water. These brands might be Evian spring water, Fiji artesian water, and Perrier spring water from France.


That is a quick view on how to choose a good bottled water supplier. You might have a clear view of which one to have. In general, each bottled water brand might have one or two products that stand out from others.

However, for the best choice, take some time to look at the ingredients in the bottle itself so that you can have a closer look at what minerals or added nutrients you need. Hopefully, you will soon find the best brand of water for yourself!

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