How to Enjoy your Pizza and Still Lose Weight

The mouth-watering sauce, melt-in-your-mouth cheese, and tempting crispy crust – pizza has the textures and flavors only a few can shake their heads and say “no” to. It’s no wonder, pizza is considered to be one of the guilty food pleasures on earth.

But if you are on a weight loss journey and you consider yourself a certified pizza lover, you can’t help but wonder. Is it possible to shed some pounds if you eat pizza every day? Glad you ask. This article contains a slice of nutrition information that could answer this question. This way, you will less likely need to look back for more plus you can stretch your money further. Also, once you can not stop craving pizza, an appetite suppressant is what you need right now (read more details here). Watch out for your gut! 



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How to Enjoy your Pizza and Still Lose Weight

Slice of Obesity

According to research, pizza contributed 5 grams of saturated fat, 230 calories and 484 mg of sodium when consumed. It simply means that pizza consumption can significantly increase the total calories, fats and sodium levels which are huge contributors to obesity. This being said, how can you lose weight when you can’t say “no” to your favorite food? Well, you don’t have to. Yes, there are ways you can enjoy your pizza and still lose weight. So don’t frown.

Enjoying your Pizza and Stretching your Budget

A slice of pizza may contain about 300 calories and that’s something you can into your balanced diet even if you are eating healthy. Keep in mind that portion size plays a very important role in caloric intake and weight loss.

So when it comes to pizza, remember it’s all about toppings and portions. Indulge yourself in less, thin crust over the regular.

However, if you are genuinely hungry you feel like eating more than a couple of slices, pair your favorite snack with filling and something fibrous like the vegetable salad with chicken. Moreover, taking garcinia cambogia supplement and ACV after the meal may also help you cut your calories. This way, you will less likely need to look back for more plus you can stretch your money further.

Order the Best Toppers

Choose your toppings wisely. You can still get that savory taste without being guilty about your calorie-intake when you grab a slice or two. Just make sure to choose your pizza toppings wisely.

The classic bacon, sausage and pepperoni pizzas are packed with salt and unhealthy fats. Sliced ham, grilled chicken and anchovies are potent sources of healthy fats.

You may also add many vegetables on top or lean meats to make it healthier. By adding vegetables to the top, you are also lowering your pizza’s glycemic index and they will allow you to feel fuller so you won’t have to grab for more.

If you’re favorite pizza shop offers a whole grain crust or if you have the chance to order a whole grain thin crust, takes it. Whole grain consumption is often associated to reduce calorie and weight loss.

Consuming a pizza in a whole grain crust can be a good opportunity for you to enjoy your snack and still lose extra pounds.

You don’t have to miss your mouth-melting cheese but if you’re serious about losing weight, cut your cheese by fifty. I know, this sounds huge. But believe me; you’ll likely get a better result.

Cutting your cheese is the easiest way to cut your pizza’s unhealthy saturated fats.

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