Plex: Free vs. Paid and Features and benefits using Plex

Plex: Free vs. Paid and Features and benefits using Plex

We know that Plex is an upgraded app that is known to be the best server media app to watch some digital movies, and shows. Its streaming services are transitory and do not require more hardware components. The videophiles who want to embrace their digital age, the options for them are not limited.

You can easily load any external drive or watch every piece of media on the computer. This is the best media server used by a large number of people. It has an expended library of free streaming content that is free to download.

This amazing software is also used to organize your personal media that includes files, music, videos, and much more. So, the question here arises, how is Plex evolving an online service?

In the year 2018, this wonderful software introduces web shows that help you to keep track of new and latest web shows produced online. It will feature sports, cooking, gossip, and other shows for entertainment.

It has also evolved in news media surfaces with the latest news and headlines across US and international markets. It offers you watch a series of online content for free. Lets us have a look at its features and the content it allows you to watch.

Features and benefits you get while using Plex

When you subscribe to this app, you will get a series of features and benefits. They are discussed below:

Watch Live TV and DVR

You can easily hook your local Plex media server to tune-up with your digital antenna so that you can easily watch videos and record them for free. Over the air, broadcasts are also accessible once you tune-up with your antenna. You can easily record videos in your library and can watch them anytime.

Easily Control Media

With this media player, you can easily control the media which you share with your friends and family. You can do this with the help of Plex Home. It allows you to customize and manage various accounts and restricts the content that you do not want them to watch. This benefit you will get when you use a paid version of this app.

Do Mobile Sync

If you are somewhere outside and want to watch the content, then you can use the mobile sync option of this app. This will allows you to load copies of your content on your phone or tablet. You can also use them when you do not have access to the internet over your device. This amazing feature also makes sure that the next episode of your content should be ready to watch.

Elevate your music experience

This server media app allows you to experience your music at a vast level. You will enjoy your music with its premium features, artworks, along with artist bios. You will also enable automatic lyrics, loudness leveling, appealing visualizers, and much more with the help of its premium version.

Personal Gallery

You can easily make your personal photos and videos pop with this amazing app. You can enjoy various features like auto tags on your photos and get location information and much more with Plex. You can also sync photos and other media with a Plex server from your phone. This makes sharing snaps process easy. It also allows you to free up your mobile space.

Hardware Accelerating feature

If you need the content to be converted while streaming, then you can make the use of hardware accelerating feature. This is a powerful feature of this app.

These are some of the features of using the Plex app. This is considered to be one of the best software to organize your personal home media. If you want to connect with the Plex server, then you can easily do that with the help of your android phone.

In your android device, you need to click on the settings, go to advanced options and select manual connection. From this, you can easily configure the app to stream from the Plex server.

Plex server offers you with paid and free media tiers. It has an ad supporting service that is used to watch free movies and shows. Listen to news, podcasts, and much more with this great app. Just hook up tuner with your antenna, and Plex will let you watch Live TV.

This amazing app is available in two versions the free one and the premium one. Let us have some detailed views on both these versions.

Plex free version vs. Plex Paid version

The free version of the Plex media player will let you access various shows and movies online for free. The premium version of Plex is known as Plex Pass, will bill you $5 per platform activation. The paid version of this amazing app does not bill you monthly.

This activation fee is for the one who wants to use this application on their android or iOS mobiles. If you want it for a lifetime then it will cost $120. If you use Plex app a lot, then we suggest you go for a lifetime pass. Otherwise, it is based on your budget.

If you choose Plex free plan, then you will get various benefits like you can easily host a media server, stream content like movies, shows, etc. on any non-mobile Plex app.

You can easily watch Plex ad-supported TV and movies with the free version. However, the free version is all set for those who love to watch movies simply. If you want to access its advanced features, you can go with the premium version.

The features of the premium version of Plex include:

  • Mobile sync and offline watching of content.
  • Multiple users access
  • Parental controls to restrict viewers from watching various content
  • Mood mixes and Lyrics acceleration
  • Hardware accelerating feature


If you are completely new to use Plex, then we suggest you go with the free version of this app first. It appeals to the global audience, and it is the best choice for all those who want to watch movies and shows for free. In this article, we have given you detailed information about the Plex app and its features.

The premium version of Plex is for those who willing to pay for advanced features. You can easily manage your personal media and do mobile sync with this app. Go and download this app now to watch your favorite shows.

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