Top 5 Best Apps to do Programming on Android Platform in 2020

Best Apps in 2020 to do Programming on Android Platform

Are you a programming lover?

Do you love to do coding?

Programming act as fun if you use the right tools for development.

We all know that programming is somewhat time-consuming and you need to stick to your laptop or PC to do programming.

A programming job needs full focus and attention to deliver a proper code. Most of the people don’t choose programming as their career option due to its complexity. This is a time-consuming activity that needs proper attention.

So, if you love to do programming and you are a programmer and you are finding difficulty always getting stuck with the PC? Then we are glad to let you know that the programming can also be done in Mobile phones.

Using your android phone, you can make the use of online compilers to execute your program. By using coding in your mobile, you will get an advantage of compiling and running a program more easily. If you are willing to do coding in your Android phone then you must know the best applications for programming over the phone.

We dig deep and found those best applications that will make your coding work easier over the phone. You can do it without any hitch. These applications have code editors and integrated environments that allow you to develop and debug programs effectively on your android devices.

You can also view the source and make the use of the features available for each application to make your coding more easily and fun-loving. So, let’s get started with these fantastic applications that are used to do programming on your android phone.

Android applications to do programming on your Smartphone

To save you from desktop and PC programming methods, we have a list of android applications that you can use to do programming on your mobiles. These applications have a program coding environment so that you will find no difficulty in doing the coding. So, you can resume your coding journey with these applications. Let’s get started with the list of these applications.

1. 920 Text editor

1. 920 Text editor

With the number of text editors available for android platforms, the best is 920 text editor app. This text editor is easy to use and you can write codes quickly and effectively in this. It has been embedded with features like multi-tabs that can be used to edit code written in languages like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, C/C++, C#, Python, SQL, Lua, VB, Verilog, AutoHotKey, AutoLisp, Powershell, VHDL, Fortran and Pascal.

This light-weight text editing application allows you to view as well as edit code right from your android. This open-source, no ad software for android facilitates you to switch between the tabs more easily. It has a feature that automatically detects open file encoding and converts the current file that supports encoding.

Its easy toolbar makes you do several options like opening a new file, undo or redo some codes, switch between another tab. You can change the text into lowercase or upper case with the use of the long press in the text editor. Go with this fantastic text editor to edit codes in your android phone.

2. VT View Source app

2. VT View Source app

Another application that you can use in your android phone for coding is VT view source. This application is used to view the source of the website web pages. You can view HTML, XML, JavaScript and other sources of web pages with the help of this application.

This amazing source viewing application consists of features like adjustable colors, highlighting themes, Line numbers, text wrapping and many more. With the use of the Share Page functionality of your android browser, you can open the source code of typed URL.  This open-source software is free of ads and can even search source code by pasting the URL in the browser.

After viewing the source code, you can also adjust the font size, change font colour and it also provides the feature of text wrapping so that the available text can fit into your mobile screen.

You can also zoom in or zoom out the written text code and also click the links in the source code. This application can handle all absolute and relative URLs so that you do not face any problem while coding.

With the help of this application, you can copy the source code into another application for text editing. This source viewing application can allow you to share unformattable source code with other applications. With all these features you will definitely love to work with this source viewing coding application for android.

3. CPP Droid

3. CPP Droid

CppDroid is another android application used for coding. This simple C/C++ IDE and compiler for android will help you to do coding and get real-time diagnostics of your code. This application can also be used for learning different programs or codes with programming language libraries.

With its built-in compiler, you can compile a different set of codes with no internet connection also. This offline android application is used to write and run C/C++ programs with static and smart syntax highlighting. You can also configure code syntax and compile them effectively.

By downloading this application you will also get support to send your files through Dropbox. When you use this application for the first time then it will extract SDK of 150MB and also extract many tutorials for using this. So, in short, this coding application will take up to 190MB of your internal storage. This amazing coding application is free to use and can easily be downloaded from the play store.



If you are an android app developer and searching for an effective android platform for coding then you must go with AIDE-IDE for Android Java and C++. This application works well for android and Java developers. This amazing app allows you to even write codes in C and C++ language on your mobile.

This application also allows you to learn the coding with interactive programming lessons. It serves as a great integrated development environment on your android. Easily code your own applications and learn effective programming with the use of this application.

Its key features include integrated programming lessons for beginners, supported environment for web development, Easily integrated with Git, PhoneGap and Dropbox, smart code completion, Life error checking, refactoring and many more.

You can easily run this application on Android 4.0 or higher. This basic free application for coding is best suited for coders. So, what are you waiting for? Download this free android application from play store and get all in one feature for website development at one platform.

5. QPython Application

5. QPython Application

Those who love to work with Python programming language can make the use of QPython application for android. This script engine runs on Python scripts that you can use for your Python projects. This amazing python coding application consists of Python interpreter, SL4A library, console and editor in it so that you can easily do Python programming in it.

This amazing application has been downloaded by millions of Python programmers and serves as a great app for their python queries. Its features include easily running scripts and projects in Python, IDE on android, Package managing options, SL4A for android access and many more. Download this amazing coding application for your android phone through play store.


In this article, we have listed the best 5 applications you can download on your android mobile if you love to do coding. Coding is not a difficult process but it only needs your proper focus to create and execute programs.

Either you are an android application developer or you are a website developer and make the use of languages like Java, C/C++, ASP .NET or any other then you can make the use of these applications. These applications not only allow you to code in your mobile but also provide you with a user-friendly interface so that you can develop programs easily and effectively.

You can write the code, compile it and execute it successfully within these applications. These applications made the way of coding differently. You will get so many features embedded in one place that help you run the programs without any hitch.

This list also contains the applications that run offline that means you can compile your codes without the use of the internet. If you are just a beginner in the world of coding then these applications will also let you learn codes.

They have tutorials and snippets for beginners that help them in learning the coding process. Sometimes it may come in your mind that how could you do the coding on the small screen of your mobile phones.

But believe us, these applications will make your coding more effective with their amazing features. If you choose to program as your profession then these applications will benefit you to a high extent. One of the benefits is that you can easily run codes, anywhere you want. So, go and download these applications now!

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