MyGroundBiz review and important facts 2020

MyGroundBiz review and important facts 2020

Are you looking for some courier company to ship your products abroad? If yes, then we will help you out. Many companies deliver products to other countries. One of them is MyGroundBiz.

This online portal is introduced by FedEx Company that helps you with delivering your products to another country, checking parcel status, checking the date and delivery timings, and much more.

This is considered to be one of the most informative and best portal for those who want to ship something to another country. You will get a lot of options while shipping the products. One of them is live tracking of the shipment.

This will ensure that your product is safely transferred to the one you want to send. This amazing portal will give you access to various features and advantages while shipping your product using their services.

In this article, we will give you a complete review of MyGroundBiz so that it will help you whether to choose this shipping portal or not?

Is it safe to use the MyGroundBiz web portal?

With the above information, you will get an idea of what is MyGroundBiz and why it is used for. Well, the question now arises whether it is safe to trust MyGroundBiz for shipping your products to another country?

We all know that MyGroundBiz is introduced by FedEx, which is one of the giant shipment companies that is offering amazing delivery services. The best part is that MyGroundBiz has embedded with various amazing features and offer your delivery services at affordable prices.

You do not need to pay a huge amount for shipping your product abroad. This sounds pretty interesting, right. And yes, it is safe to trust MyGroundBiz for the delivery of your package to another country. Now we will give you information about how you can easily create and access the MyGroundBiz account.

How can you easily log in and access your MyGroundBiz account?

Login in your MyGroundBiz account does not need any rocket science. You just need to follow some steps mentioned below to create an account in the MyGroundBiz portal. Also, make sure to keep some details ready while signing up for the MyGroundBiz account. So, without wasting any time, let us get started with all those steps that are needed to create a MyGroundBiz account with ease.

Step 1: Open any browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and visit the site and Make sure that your internet is working properly.

Step 2: Once you open these two URLs, you will be easily redirected to the MyGroundBiz login page. Here you need to enter your credentials like an email address for registration and password in their respective fields. Make sure you enter the right credentials.

Step 3: After entering your details, you need to click on the Sign-in button.

Step 4: Once you sign in your MyGroundBiz account, you need to access the features available to you.

You will also receive a confirmation link sent on your mail-id. You need to click on that link to verify your email address. Once you confirm, you will be done with the process. So, this was all you need to create a MyGroundBiz account on its online portal.

When your account signup gets completed, you need to click on the login button and track your package live location. You will get an idea of where it is located actually. If you are thinking, what to do if you forgot your MyGroundBiz password, then we have a solution for you.

What to do if you forgot MyGroundBiz account password?

We humans, tend to do a lot of work at a single time. But sometimes it may happen that due to a lot of work, we forgot passwords. So, if you are facing the issue with forgetting the password you create for your MyGroundBiz account, then you need to follow these steps. You can easily recover it from your registered mail id. We will show you how.

Step 1: Go to your sign-in page from the URL

Step 2: After visiting the page, click on the “Forgot password” button.

Step 3: When you click that button, you will be redirected to the password recovery page.

Step 4: Once you reach there, you need to provide an email address associated with your MyGroundBiz account. Now, click on the “Reset Password” link.

Step 5: Check your registered email address, and you will get the instructions for changing the password on your mail.

This is the method you can opt for if you want to recover your MyGroundBiz account. Now, let us focus on some frequently asked questions that people ask.

Frequently asked questions for MyGroundBiz

MyGroundBiz is an online delivery portal embedded with a large number of features. There are many common questions people ask while using the MyGroundBiz account. They are listed below:

Q1. What are the options we get by using the MyGroundBiz portal?

With the use of this web portal for delivery, you can get details on the factors like news, vehicle sales, motivational stories, and other features like live tracking of your orders.

Q2. Is it easy to register on the MyGroundBiz account?

Yes, it is very easy to register an account on the MyGroundBiz portal. You can follow the steps mentioned above and easily create your MyGroundBiz account.

Q3. Does MyGroundBiz free to use?

Yes, this online portal is free to use for employees of FedEx pickup and delivery services.


In this article, we have reviewed the MyGroundBiz portal and listed the process of signing in the portal. This amazing portal will help you ship your products from one country to another. You can also do live tracking of the order you have shipped for another country.

With this amazing portal, you can easily create your account, and if you forgot your password, we have listed the steps you follow to regain it. This amazing portal also lets you discover various features like links to vendors, vehicle details, and news, and other information. This portal is extremely user friendly and easy to use. Go and register yourself with the MyGroundBiz account.

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