How to create Lynda account (Working premium account)?

If you are keen to learn and watch tutorial videos that you definitely have an idea about Lynda account. With this amazing website, you will get unlimited access to business, design, and tech courses to watch online.

You can learn software, business skills, creative skills, and achieve personal and professional goals with the help of Lynda account. The students with edu mail can get free access to thousands of courses available on the Lynda account.

This online learning platform is beneficial for both students and adults. The people who are looking to enhance their knowledge should undoubtedly create a Lynda account and cover videos related to technology, business, creativity, and much more.

If you are the one keen to learn something new related to various fields, then this article is for you. Here we are going to discuss how you can create a premium Lynda account and get benefits from it. Let’s get started.

What are the Lynda account, and what benefits will you get while subscribing to it?

Lynda is an amazing software that will help you enhance your knowledge by providing videos related to your profession. With the help of these professional goals, you will be able to learn business skills and much more.

Their professionals and teachers create videos that can be used by anyone to get knowledge or learn about something new. There are various features of this amazing learning platform. They are discussed below:

Features of subscribing to Lynda online platform

We have listed various features and benefits you will get with this platform. They are:

  • Members who subscribe to this platform will get access to all courses and tutorials.
  • To keep your skills updated, the Lynda team of professionals adds various courses every week.
  • You can watch these courses anytime and anywhere on mobile or desktop for free. With its premium membership, you can also download the course and watch offline whenever you want.
  • Create a playlist of courses you want to watch and also bookmark tags specific videos for reference.
  • The courses available here are provided in the chunk. Therefore you will get an idea about each and every question related to the course.
  • You will easily access courses and get expertise from professionals and teachers who are experts in their fields.
  • You can watch videos in top quality with explanatory charts and graphics to make your learning process easier.
  • Whenever you will complete a course on Lynda, you will be able to get a certificate of each course. You can share this with your friends about what you have accomplished.

So, these are some common benefits you will get with the use of Lynda account. These features are very beneficial for people who want to learn and explore something new. It has a list of courses that you can watch anytime and anywhere.

The teachers and professionals who creates this course will share their expertise with you and solve all your doubts. This will enhance your knowledge, and you can learn something new in a short span of time.

At this time, people who are doing jobs or businesses want to grow their knowledge to achieve success. They try several other platforms and watch free videos. Due to this, they get confused about the topics or lessons they are learning.

But, with the use of the Lynda account, you can easily learn something new and take courses. Lynda also allows you to watch videos offline after downloading. This feature comes with the Lynda premium account. But, if you do not want to spend a single penny creating an account then you don’t need to worry.

If you want a premium account for free, then you need to follow the steps below.

How to create premium account of Lynda for free?

There are various steps involved in creating a Lynda account for free. You just need to follow these steps, and at last, you will enjoy the premium account benefits. So, let us get started with these steps:

  1. If you are going to create a free Lynda account, then you need one Houston address. This could be a temporary one, and you need a US address because you can easily create an account with this. To get a free address, you can make the use of a fake address generator.
  2. Now, you need to register to Houston library to get the Houston Library card number. This would be essential to create a Lynda account.
  3. Now, you have an address and name, and you need to fill it to form 1 of Houston Library. In this form, you can add a name, address, number, city, state, etc.
  4. Once you fill the form, you will get a temporary user id or Houston library card number.
  5. When you visit the Lynda site, you need to add a new password. Now, Lynda will ask you whether you have an old account or not. You just need to click on “no I don’t have any” option.
  6. Enter your mail address, and voila, you are done.

Now, you can easily get the benefits of creating a Lynda account. These steps will help you in creating a Lynda premium account without spending a penny. You can easily enjoy its benefits and watch courses.


In this article, we have mentioned the various features of the Lynda account you will get while subscribing to it. Watching the courses or videos that will help you in the future is the necessity of every individual. With this era of changing technology, there is a need to learn new every day.

Whether you are interested in coding and developing software or you want to grow your business and learn some skills, then Lynda has a set of various courses that will help you out.

The professional list of courses not only helps you in the future but also enhances your skills to get a new job. With the premium membership, you will get various amount of answers related to each course. So, create the account following these above-mentioned steps and start learning on Lynda.