How to get TutuApp VIP Redeem code free?

How to get TutuApp VIP Redeem code free?

TuTu App is becoming a popular alternative application store for android and iOS.

The reason behind its popularity is that it offers almost any application without charges.

All the premium applications which are paid on the app store are free on TuTu.

The application is basically a Chinese one and the company has recently launched an English version.

The application is available on android, iOS, and PC. The user interface and functionality are simple and easy to use.

All these functionalities make it likable and popular. The platform offers different applications but especially mods or modified applications are popular.

Features of TutuApp:

  • It is available for multiple platforms like android, iOS, and Windows.
  • No login required. The internal privacy and security are quite good.
  • Premium applications are available for free.
  • The application offers modernized versions of some premium applications/games.
  • The application is intuitive and guides you to control your Smartphone.

Apart from these features, there is an additional feature for iOS devices. When you download and install the application for iOS, you are asked for a regular version or a VIP version. The VIP version of the TutuApp is a paid one.

If you are a regular user of TutuApp, you might be aware of the certificate revocation problem in the regular mode. The VIP version has the solution; your certificate will never get revoked. TutuApp with the VIP version offers some extra content and games to download. You can see the temptation to download the VIP version of TutuApp from the above advantages.

You might ask what the fee is for TutuApp VIP and are there any discounts/coupons available? The fee is around $6.99 and yes there are redeem codes available. The TutuApp redeem code is available on their official website. It contains some words using which you can get free access to some paid applications and games.

You have to refer the application to your friends and enjoy your applications instantly. The redeem code is for single use only. You cannot use the same code for multiple devices. The simple way to spread the word is to install the VIP version and gift your friends TutuApp VIP redeem code. The code is available on the website only and is free to use.

Using a TutuApp VIP Redeem code:

  • The first step is to browse this webpage TutuApp VIP.
  • Now, tap on the “VIP Redeem code” button which can be seen on the screen.
  • The next step is to tap on the install button once you click on the Redeem code button.
  • Now, enter the redeem code given to you by your friend.
  • As soon as you enter the code, you will be asked to let the application install on your iOS device. Click on the install button.
  • The main page will display these amazing words “TutuApp VIP”. You have successfully installed the VIP version and redeemed the code.

Conclusion: TutuApp is gaining popularity and it is an excellent replacement for play store and app store. It has a lot of features and all the services are free of cost. For iOS users, a VIP version is available. In addition to the features, the VIP version has a special redeem code which can help in gaining access to games. The process of how to get a Redeem code is described above. Download the application and start playing the premium games for free.

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