The Need of Water Softener in A Smart Home!

So, you are sick!  Perhaps because of water impurities!

If you are gulping hard, impure water, get ready to face massive hospital bills.

Hard water is water that contains metals and minerals like iron and calcium which can give rise to many health-related problems. While this water is safe to use in cleaning, it can cause havoc to the skin, hairs as well as plumbing.

The Need of Water Softener in A Smart Home!

So what to do?

One of the best methods to treat hard water is to use water softener device or water softener chemicals. There are many water softeners like The Magic Fleck Water Softeners available on the market. Pick yours and get the peace of mind!

A water softener is a device or thing that is used to soften water by removing chemicals and minerals like calcium and magnesium which are making water hard. Usually, this water clogs pipes and make it difficult for the soap or detergent to dissolve in water. It builds-up scale inside the pipes and other water applications thereby reducing the efficiency of the product.

Why Are Water Softeners Important?

Soft water gives clean and shiner appearance when used for cleaning purposes. It uses less soap and detergent because of the leather that soft water and soap produce. Have a look at some of the benefits of water softeners:

  • Easy to Clean:

With soft water, it is quite easy to clean! One can use soft water for washing clothes and dishes as they won’t put spots and stains on the surfaces.  It reduces the amount of soap or detergent that you need for cleaning thereby lowering the frequent need of buying it. Also, it is good for hair and skin.

With soft water, it is quite easy to clean bathtubs, showers and skink stains as there will be no residue or soap scum behind.

  • Aids in the Extended Life of Appliances:

Minerals and chemicals found in hard water start building scale inside the applications which in turn reduces the life of the device.  Hard water reduces the efficiency of the application and shortens their life. However soft water contains no added minerals which help in making soft leather for cleaning purposes. So, use soft water and boost the life of your dishwasher, washing machine, water heater and all other applications that use water.

  • No Plumbing Issues:

Since soft water doesn’t leave scale or any residue, there won’t be any clogged pipes. Hard water deposit scale in the plumbing pipes and fixtures is thereby shortening the life of plumbing system. It causes corrosion and clogs in the pipes; however, with soft water there will be minimum buildup and fewer clogs.

Difference between Hard Water and Soft Water:

Your water contains more than just H2O!

Primarily, the quality of water depends on the location where you are residing and from which source you are getting water. Although hard water is not harmful, it leaves scale that affects cleaning as well as makes water harsh for drinking purposes.

There are two types of water hardness, viz. permanent and temporary.

The hardness that cannot be removed by boiling the water is called as permanent hardness, whereas the temporary water hardness is due to the presence of calcium bicarbonate and magnesium bicarbonate. When you bring water to boil, it forms the carbonates from bicarbonate leaving behind the soft water.

Also, permanent hardness is due to chlorides and sulfides that leave stains and water spots when used for cleaning and other purposes.  

Furthermore, soft water is better for the skin as it contains no harmful chemicals and doesn’t even leave a scale that makes it inappropriate. Soft water is harmless, heat resistant, and natural, and is entirely stable.

Since modern homes rely on high-efficiency applications, having soft water or water softener is a must!   

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