How to become a pediatrician? Courses, Salary, Scope, Jobs

Career As Pediatrician: Courses, Salary, Scope, Jobs | Careers In Healthcare

Science and society can be best linked through medicine. Doctors are the agents through whom scientific knowledge can be applied to humans.

Doctors save lives, relieve pain, mend the injuries, and spread happiness. Doctors are a very important part of our society.

There are various kinds of doctors and specialization. A pediatrician specializes in providing medical care to the patients of age from birth till their late teens.

They specialize in the diseases which occur to children, babies, teens, and toddlers. During the growth years of a child, pediatricians provide health care and treat them.

Since the children are small they have to talk in a friendly voice and be in a playful mood all along.

The parents too are stressed when they visit the pediatric; so the doctors empathize with them and make them understand the situation in a friendly manner.

Education and Training

To become a pediatrician, you have to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in medical or related sciences. The degree takes four to five years to complete. Then comes the master’s degree entrance examinations, after which you will be learning the specialized courses in the field. It comprises of clinical practice, lectures, and in-class instructions.

To obtain a doctoral degree, students have to complete the residency in a specific field. The residency can vary according to the particular country. The training and residency is the toughest part of the job. Doctors mention that the hard part is understanding how to deal with people who are sick, angry, and sad. The training is rigorous and the shifts are a challenge for many of the students. This training puts them in stressful situations which bring out the best.

Pediatricians are trained to:

  • Studying, Diagnosing, and treating the ailments associated with children. Also, addressing the medical needs of younger patients, like childhood infections, genetic diseases, and injuries.
  • Preparing a proper course of treatment and medicine that will help the patient recover.
  • Conducting regular check-ups, examinations, and immunizations.
  • Checking whether the growth of the child is normal or not.
  • Treating chronically and acutely ill patients with extra care.
  • Study and work towards reducing the infant and child mortality rate.

All the working physicians have to obtain a license from the authorities. The rules and regulations can vary country-to-country.

Career Prospects

In any hospital, pediatricians are the advisory type of doctors. They order proper tests, medicines, and treatments for the young ones. They personally counsel the hospital staff to ensure the health of the patient. They make the rounds regularly to see the progress of the patients.

In a university, pediatricians who are inclined towards academics are hired. They teach to the upcoming doctors, conduct research, and make the new generation ready for the future.

Pediatricians who pursue super-specialization like in the field of oncology/hematology are hired to perform special treatments for cancer and tumors.

Qualities required for quick hiring:

  • The first thing every doctor does is to obtain a medical history of the patient. So, doctors should have good listening skills and high deduction capabilities.
  • The doctor should be an excellent communicator. They should explain the diagnosis and procedures to the parents in a simple way.
  • The third and most important quality is patience. Patience and a good attitude will make the job much easier for the doctor.
  • A pediatrician should be compassionate. He should assure and display empathy towards the child and parent during treatment.

The pediatricians can also increase their chances of getting hired with some of these suggestions:

  • Publishing books and papers: The authorities will consider your application if you are well versed in the subject and it will be more beneficial if you are a published doctor.
  • Join a pediatrics-related group: The probability of getting a job will increase substantially if you are a member of a doctor association. The contacts will help you with their referrals and guide you into a better institute for a job.
  • Possessing a unique experience: If any doctor has some unique experience in treating the patient, it will benefit him. If you can speak any foreign tongue, it will open some great opportunities.

The salary earned by a pediatrician varies on the location, years of experience, place of employment, and type of employment. For a pediatrician working in a hospital, the salary can be around $150000. If the doctor is running an OPD then salary is around $140000.

The Lifestyle of a pediatrician

Most of the employment offered is full-time and doctors work more than 45 hours per week. In some emergency situations, doctors might need to work on holidays and at night.

The doctors are asked to remain on the call even if their duty is over for the day. The lifestyle can vary for different pediatrics. The difference might arise due to the specialization in pediatrics and the field of work.

Pediatricians are generally not in the money-making business. Some of them enjoy being around children. The opportunities are not at all less than a physician and demand for pediatricians will never go down.


A pediatrician is a doctor who specialized in medical science and treatment for children. Becoming a pediatrician is not a simple task. It takes 10-12 years of hard work, courage, patience, and passion for medical science. Medical science bridges the gap between society and science.

We can see for ourselves the results of a scientific method/treatment given to a patient. If you are getting in the medical field and want to learn about pediatric doctors then volunteer at a local healthcare unit. You will have to be compassionate in nature.

You have to explain the pain, agitation, and treatment to the child and parent. Career prospects are quite rich and it is filled with a lot of opportunities. You will not have money problems as such. The lifestyle will be a busy one but you will work for betterment of the society.

The presence of the doctor is beginning of the cure.

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