Top Programming Languages to learn in 2020 (Best for Career)

Top Programming Languages to learn in 2020 (Best for Career)

Are you a developer or want to become a coding enthusiast and confused between which programming language gives you an ultimate benefit in 2020? There are more than 500 programming languages and the demand for these languages upgrow every year. With this changing trend of programming languages, new programmer communities are emerging at a faster rate than before. 

From Java to Python, these coding languages made our life much easier than before. Every aspect of our lives depends on the codes. No wonder the coding jobs are well paid but also it adds the core value to your portfolio. 

So, in the epidemic of Corona Virus, why waste your time sitting back and chilling? We have made a list of some extremely demanding programming languages of 2020 that will benefit both your skill and gives you better jobs. These will not only help you to get your dream coding career but also gives you a new perspective with solving tech problems. 

The programming language list makes it tough for the developer or programmer to decide which language is best suitable and gives the career the best fly. And of course, you can join the Work from home in these programming jobs. So, let’s begin with the list of top programming languages that you can learn in 2020:



The first and foremost programming language that is trending in 2020 is Python. This easy to learn coding language is a popular choice among beginners. Python is a high-level programming language that can be deployed easily and used to run web applications.

With its excellent library support and a large developer community, most of the applications like YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and many others are built in it. Developed by Guido van Rossum in 1990, the python is now considered to be one of the trending programming languages to learn in 2020. Now let’s see the key features of learning Python.

  • The main USP of Python is its flexibility as well as it’s highly productive and powerful. Being influenced by another modern language like Go, Julia, the Python language has gold standards in terms of developers.
  • Worked on OOP characteristics, this trending language focuses on code usability and can resolve highly complex application problems.
  • Another feature of Python is that it has library packages that can be used in scientific programming, mathematical computing and various other fields. 
  • If you are looking to set your career in data science, image processing, full-stack developer or machine learning then you should keep your focus learning Python.



Another popular choice for developers is the Java programming language. This object-oriented Programming language is used for developing several enterprise-scaled web applications. Being one of the most popular programming languages, it has bought a list of advantages to the software development industry. Another biggest advantage of using Java is that it is independent of any working platform.

You can use its inevitably designed frameworks to build innovative website designs. Yet another major superiority of using Java is that it can solve all the errors at the early stage of development.

This is the crucial feature, one language should have. Besides these advantages, Java is an only programming language that can be capable of multitasking. This could be one of the reasons, it can be used in multi-level applications building. Let’s focus on some more features of Java that make it worth to learn in 2020:

  • Being considered to be the most reliable programming language, Java offers assured security services for your website applications. You can easily build several web applications in Java without being worried about the security of the host systems.
  • Its user-friendly framework makes it easier for the programmer to write it, compile it and debug it. 
  • You can easily learn this coding language. Another main feature of this language is that its codes are extremely capable of finding executable errors at the early stage of compilation. So just simply learn this language and run error-free code applications with simplicity and versatility.



The best system-level programming languages are C and C++. In the beginning, many programmers find it hard to develop programs in these programming languages. But later on, practicing you can easily overcome those challenges.

Its steep learning curve gives the basics of developing modern applications. Besides its complex programming techniques, these coding languages are crucial to do high-level programming. They are fast and efficient in developing high-end applications.

You can easily grasp the writing codes if done with proper concentration. If you want to excel in your career in big data then you should consider learning this programming language in 2020. 

Now let’s focus on its advantages/features that will encourage you to keep learning this fantastic computer language:

  • Being used as the basics of modern programming, these languages will influence you to learn another multi-level language. It will help you to explore the theories behind complex coding.
  • C and C++ are used to develop many operating systems and provide an advanced feature to develop game programming. 
  • You will get surprised to know that modern browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are also designed with these trending languages.

These programming languages are used for the fast execution of programs. Therefore, these are used in the wide applications of powerful domains and gaming applications.



According to the new survey of various trending programming languages of 2020, JavaScript made its top place. It’s a dynamic programming language that is used by most of the developers to design creative web pages. Its object-oriented capabilities made it the center to develop dynamic applications.

Developers and programmers use this language with the integration of HTML and CSS. Many organizations recently started to work with NodeJS, which is one of the JavaScript-based work environments. This would help developers running server-side scripts and developing interactive web pages. 

So, if you are shaped towards cool tech coding then JavaScript is your best option to choose. This highly versatile language will help you to drive deep through creativity and gives a richer interface to your website.

Now, let’s talk about the points which make this language trending this year:

  • This multi-level paradigm runs virtually and can be used everywhere like on every server, browsers, mobile devices etc.
  • This high-level language makes is known to be the king of browser programming. And its massive innovations like NodeJS make it run on almost all platforms.
  • This multi-functional language can be used with various frameworks like React, Angular.
  • Because of its mass adoption, this language is turned to be the king of all programming languages.

Go Programming Language

Go Programming Language

Go is the programming language designed at Google. This statically designed programming language is used to build highly defined software. This language is turned to be the boon for those who are interested in in-system programming. It encompasses the same functionality as that of C and C++. Those who want to set their career as web server programmers or in the field of data pipelines and machine learning can choose Go as their prime computer language.

Let’s see the features of this amazing language:

  • Easier to learn the language and the main advantage is that it has been statically typed that makes it more secure. 
  • This easy and reliable machine language compiles very fast with the machine codes.
  • Those planning to design single page applications can go with Go Machine Language.
  • It has a wide range of inbuilt functions that can easily work with different primitive types.

R Language

R Language

Another machine learning language is “R”. This is one of the best languages to learn in 2020. Its highly extensible graphic modeling techniques and statically computing environment make it easier to use. This well-developed language makes the use of various programming loops and functions that are used to make data analysis software. Those who wish to be Data Analytic should have hands-on this language. 

Let’s focus on some of its benefits:

  • This Programming language can run on various operating systems like Linux, Windows etc.
  • This comprehensive statistical language has an effective data handling facility.
  • You can analyze the graphical notations of data onscreen or hardcopy. 
  • This effective and efficient language uses user-defined functions that are fully planned in coherent systems.


With this introduction to every programming language that is popular or trending in 2020, you will now get an idea on each one of them. However, knowledge of each language will not only boost your career but also give you a clear vision of what to choose for your future career. The information shared in this post will give you a clear idea of deciding on this matter. Get ready to be part of this wonderful giant language market.

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