Why review your doctor or hospital?

Reviews open up the world to us and it enables us to make a smart choice. Reviews offer guidance when we need one. We tend to make healthy and wealthy decisions. We are looking for perfection and trust, reviews connect us with the product/service and we can explore. Now, people tend to write a review because they want to tell their experience, help someone in making a decision, and truly appreciate something good. If someone writes a review with honesty then readers will get the guidance and appreciate it. The review system is trending like anything.

Nowadays, everyone in society checks the review of a hotel, pub, office, etc. When you check out a pub to hang-out; you check the review of the ambiance, staff behavior, quality of food, and various other amenities. You are spending 3-4 hours in a pub and you are checking these many things, so reviewing a doctor is more important because health is wealth.

Why review your doctor or hospital?

Doctors or hospitals are the pillars on which humanity is unreasonably dependent. If you are in good health then you can achieve anything in life. Doctors or hospitals not only save a life but also relive us of any pain. You go to a physician when you have a cough, cold, fever, and other common diseases. Hospitals are for major treatments like surgeries, operations, hemorrhage, etc. The importance of the doctor or a hospital is equal for a patient.

There are many doctor review websites like HealthSoul which display the ratings of the doctor or a hospital.

You should write because?

  • The money spent on healthcare is immense and if you do not know how well a doctor is then that money is as good as gone. This is the most important reason for reviewing a hospital or a doctor. A good review will reveal various secrets of the doctor or hospital. A review will reflect who is money-minded and who is not. The people with enough amount of money will thank you by heart for writing a review.
  • It is a matter of life or death. Yes, there are several cases in which due to the fault of the doctor the patient paid with their lives. The review will display how successful the doctor or hospital is. Your review will help in quick decision making and it can save lives.
  • The next reason on the list is to eliminate the fake doctors. Many individuals don’t have a practitioner’s license or any registration with the concerned authorities but are practicing. To expose such people you have to write reviews so that the authority can check the individual and cancel the license of that person, if necessary.
  • A review will tell us how good the premises of the hospital are or clinics are. Sanitation is the biggest catch in the medical profession. The surrounding of a hospital or a clinic should always be clean and tidy.
  • A doctor or a hospital should be empathetic about the patient and must listen to the patient. A review will display this type of qualities in a doctor which are small but there impact is severe. A review will display this quality of the doctor and it is pretty rare.
  • Reviews offer great insight into minor details like waiting time, the behavior of the office people, amenities available on the premises, etc. These little things do have an impact on the rating and professionalism of the doctor or a hospital. Most people overlook this fact and regret it when they experience any difficulty.
  • When you are looking for a particular medical procedure (knee replacement, kidney transplant, etc) then look for a doctor who has completed a lot of them. This means writing a review will reflect the record of the doctor.
  • When visiting a hospital, you should observe small-small details keenly right from entering the hospital till you leave. This will equip you with immense information which can be shared via a review. A hospital is not only successful because of its well-accomplished doctors but also by ethics. Ethics are the distinction between the best and the average.

Reading a review is simple but when it comes to writing, people tend to procrastinate it. In this case, don’t be lazy because the stakes are high. You have to understand the gravity of the situation here.

If you write a review regarding a doctor or a hospital, it has a direct impact on society. Your review can save lives and some money. If a hospital or a doctor has bad rating/review then they will try hard to get in the good books. This will equip society with great healthcare facilities and the life expectancy will increase significantly. Just like you review a restaurant or an application, reviewing a doctor/hospital is very important.


To review a doctor/hospital you have to be alert all the time. You have to observe little things with an absolute focus to understand the whole situation. It is equally important because health is the one thing for which a human survives. To share your experience with the world will help someone in decision making. People will opt for a smart choice and will get the best medical treatment. The best way to get encouraged for writing is to think that you are changing the lives of people, what more do you need?

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