In the era of Google and Yahoo, very few people use AOL mail to send emails. AIM mail, preferably known as AOL mail is a very successful development in America’s online history. With its all in one software package, you will get free email service offered to its paid customers. However, in 2005, AOL also launches its first free email service which we all knew by its name i.e. AOL mail.

AOL is free for anyone and it does not require any special software to install it. While signing to AOL mail, most of the people suffer from many login problems. The most common login problems are related to the password.

Best Ways to fix AOL Mail Login Problems

They enter an incorrect username or password or just simply forget the passwords and stuck between the login processes. To access the AOL email features like unsend messages, AIM Panel, or calendar you need to sign in the mail.

Let us first talk about the features of AOL email service:

When you start using AOL email service to send your email messages then you will find a various set of fantastic features. These features are based upon whether you have bought free email or you have paid for it. So, here goes the list of AOL email service features which you get while you login AOL mail:

  • Its 250 GB mailbox will work best for your email storage. 
  • You can store up to 4000 new messages and 1000 old messages while using this mail.
  • POP3, SMTP and IMAP are other features supported by AOL email.
  • Its advanced security features will definitely help to keep safe from hacking attempts.
  • And of course, not the last you will also get spell-check and autocorrect options so that you can write and send your email without any grammatical mistakes. 

By logging into your AOL account you will get these amazing set of features. By here is not the end, the basic problems related to AOL mail will start by logging in to it.

Most Probable AOL mail logging problems

While signing into AOL mail you may encounter these types of logging errors that are discussed in the list below. So, let’s get started:

Authentication error

The error in the authentication process is the common error most of the people face while logging into AOL email account. If you are using AOL mail and you also one of them facing authentication error then you need to know why you are getting this error and what does it mean?

The authentication error occurs when you don’t have any right to access your email account. The main reason for occurring this error is due to some glitch in the browser. If your browser is not updated or you are using an older version then you must update it before you encounter this error.

It is also advisable to switch your browser to Google Chrome or Safari etc. This will help you to fix the authentication error you are facing. Other options like adding the AOL website in a trusted site option will also solve this problem to some extent. To do this you need to follow these steps:

  • Click on the Tools option and after that click on the internet options.
  • Next, you will see a security tab, and where you will see Trusted site option
  • After selecting this option, you can click on “Sites” and add AOL main website into it.
  • Once you are done with this process, you need to restart your browser and now the error will be gone. 

Another way to stop authentication error is to check your browser security settings. Every browser like Google Chrome, Edge, Safari etc. have different security options. You can also enable protected mode in your browser. To do this, you need to follow these steps:

  • Once you open Internet Options in the Tools menu, you need to click on the Security tab. 
  • There also, you will see an Internet Option and you will find Protected Mode option available there.
  • Just select the checkbox for Protected Mode i.e. Enable Protected Mode and click on Trusted Sites Icon.
  • Once you click on Trusted Site icon, you will find Enable Protected Mode again. 
  • You need to select its checkbox and restart your browser.
  • In this way, your browser security settings will change and you will not encounter authentication error for your AOL email account again.

Login Site of AOL is not Working

Sometimes it may happen that the URL of AOL website is not in the working condition. This is because the URL of the website keeps changing. And this would be the reason your old bookmarked link will not work.

So, you need to make sure to update the web browsers present in your computer and read their provided instructions carefully. Once the browser gets updated you can search the AOL website and bookmark it again or replace it with the old one. Then you will easily login into your AOL mail account.

Forgot your AOL Password

It may happen sometimes that the password you decide for AOL mail has not longer access to your account. Either you forgot your password or you enter the wrong password.

These problems will create a login error in your AOL email account. So if you have forgotten your email or password, then you can use the Sign-in Helper that will help you to locate your username and you will access your account again.

Also, while resetting your password, make sure you create a strong password and save it somewhere so that in future, you will not get Login problems. You can also save your password in your browser. To save your password in a browser, you need to check first that the browser settings to auto-save passwords and autofill them when needed.

First Time Signing in Message

When you try to sign in your AOL mail account in another device for the first time, then you will face the issue of first time sign message. In this process, you need to verify your device before logging in your account.

To verify your device, we will send you a verification code that will verify that its really you who want to sign in. You can recover your account with the recovery options present there. If they also don’t work, then you can choose “Still can’t get a sign in” and then AOL process will able to get you to access your AOL email account.

When you verify your device, then even if you sign in the 100th time in the same device, they will not ask any verification code through 2 factor verification. While changing the device you can deauthorize the previous device and turn off the location.


In this article, we have mentioned different problems related to logging into the AOL mail account and the ways to solve that log in errors. We have also discussed the features of AOL mail service that will help you to decide whether to go with this email service or not. We hope that this article would give you enough problem-solving information.