Expert Consultant Luke Lazarus Reveals Four Important Marketing Trends You Need to Be Aware Of

Expert Consultant Luke Lazarus Reveals Four Important Marketing Trends

If you are a startup company today, you are facing a competitive and global business environment no matter what industry you are in. These are exciting times because customers can be located down the street and across continents. The world is truly open for business, so now is the time to capitalize on that with a solid idea that will capture the attention of your target audience. At the same time, you need a marketing plan that will effectively reach these individual consumers where they are. As Luke Lazarus reveals, traditional print-based advertising and television media are no longer enough. You need to do something more to be in line with the digital age. Here are his four top marketing trends that you need to know about today.

Create Content That is Interactive

Just about everyone has a presence on the Internet today, but few people really take advantage of the features that will really draw in an audience. Interactive content is one way to make that happen. This involves the development of video content that can be placed on a variety of social media outlets, blogs, and websites. As Lazarus notes, this is effective because you put the user in control of the viewing experience. By creating content that is relevant to the target audience, you will draw them in. Then, you provide the user with controls to manipulate the video and see inside your product. This is how you can sell what you are offering without the consumer even meeting you in person.

Develop Targeted Customer Profiles and Offer Individual Recommendations

When you develop your brand, you must put the customer at the center of everything that you do. This means that you need to understand their behaviors and motivations. When you do that, you can then target specific products from your brand to suit the lifestyle of the user. Instead of sending useless messages to consumers about a product that they would never be interested in, find out what they would be interested in. This involves profiling your customers and using that information to create more informed marketing campaigns that work.

Embrace Social Media

It seems as if many businesses have resisted jumping on the social media bandwagon, thinking that is was just a passing fad. That thinking should now be thrown out the door. Social media only continues to gain influence. Facebook alone has well over two billion active users every month, with more than 60 millions of these being businesses. They are reaching real consumers, and their efforts are paying off. You simply must develop ways to get in front of social media. Monitor trends in usage and be right there to meet your consumers with the message of your brand.

Use Predictive Analysis To Your Advantage

To know where you are heading, you need to make predictions about the future. This is not something you dream of in the middle of the night and hope it into reality. Rather, you need to use technology to predict trends that impact your business. Lazarus notes that are countless ways to do this online, each one providing you with some excellent data that you can then use to fine-tune your digital marketing campaign.

These four marketing concepts should be embraced by any startup or mainstream business alike today. They provide a way to make contact with a global audience that is increasingly connected to the digital world. Luke Lazarus has years of experience consulting with major companies around the world. He understands the marketing principles that work, so his words should be taken to heart. This is a way to make your business grow.

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