6 Reasons To Use Django For Your Next Web Development Project

If you are going to work with Python for web applications or web design, Django is that one thing  to remember. It is a high-level free Python web framework which helps tons of web developers to create applications quickly and even create a clean and logical design. It is basically a collection of modules that saves one from building websites or applications from the scratch.

It has inbuilt advanced functionalities like management and admin panels, authentication support, contact forms, comment boxes, etc. that can be configured to properly match your website. With Django, you become a one-man army winning the battle. For many designers or front-end developers who work with HTML, Django template language becomes easy-to-learn and comfortable to work with.

As a web developer and someone working actively working with Python, getting familiar with Django will be the best thing possible. One good way of doing that is to explore it yourself. If not,  you can always take guidance by enrolling for best available Django tutorials online.



Now, let’s take a look at why Django is stealing the show:

  1. Through the test of times

Would you believe if I told you that Django existed back in 2005? That is like 10 years before its first open source commit. So, it was under development for quite some time before it was released. Over these 10 years, Django had several releases, a new feature popping with almost every new release. If there is a new vulnerability, Django is one of the first frameworks to respond. If we consider the new Django releases, they are mainly bringing in new features and edge case concerns.

  1. Powering Through

Python and Django are not about the pomp and show but that doesn’t mean these aren’t used by some major A-listers.

One of the most powerful and popular social media platforms, Instagram and Pinterest, are powered by Django. Moreover, Facebook also uses Django for multiple behind-the-scenes utilities. Besides these, Django and Python also power Youtube, DropBox, Quora, Reddit and many more. How about if I told you that it also used by NASA? Interesting, isn’t it?

  1.  Many Django Packages Available

Django Packages is actually a directory of reusable apps, sites, tools, and more for your Django projects. One can build a Django project or an app using small packages which include modules and other small apps. These packages make your life easier; you save time on writing code or any other bulky task such as social authentication or project deployment.

  1. Excellent Documentation

As Django came out of publishing and journalism environment, It has placed much importance on consistency and readability of documentation. It was one of the features that brought it into the limelight and is still appreciated for same.

This is of great help especially if you’re just starting to learn the framework. Keeping the quality of the documentation is one of the top-level priorities of Django’s developers. So, just like code, the documentation at Django is improved as often as possible.

  1. Welcoming Community

Still thinking why use Django? If you have heard about how good the Python community is, wait till you experience the same with Django. Every event that involves Django has to have a particular code of conduct. If you’re still wondering what I am talking about, you should read the Django Community Diversity Statement that tells what kind of community they want to build.

They have great policies which are implemented to keep building an amazing community. Did you know that Django Girls has taught Python and Django, along with bits of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, to over 1600 women? That’s exciting! That’s amazing considering they have just been there for around a year.

  1. Portability

One of the greatest things about Django is that it runs on every platform where Python does, i.e. it runs on, Mac, PC, Linux, etc. Moreover, Django also allows developers to move a whole project between databases by slight code change as it has an ORM (Object Relational Mapper).

Just remember, that Django is fast, secure, scalable and definitely worth learning. However big or small the project, Django suits all.

So, it is time to Django?

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