Essential Tools You Should Have For Maintaining Your Garden

Essential Tools You Should Have For Maintaining Your Garden

A beautiful garden is something that provides joy and a true satisfaction to the owner. Gardening work is crucial when it comes to maintaining a flourishing green space, whether one likes it or not. To be a good gardener, one needs to have great tools for gardening.

Upon entering a tool shop, the choices can be quite staggering and it is easy to get off track when picking out the essentials, without knowing what tools are used for gardening. There are a lot of gadgets, some necessary, some quite arbitrary.

When picking out the right tools for gardening you may have to spend a lot of your time browsing through online stores, finding shovel recommendations, cordless drill reviews, and all kinds of miscellaneous related information, but let’s save you your efforts. We are here to set it all straight for you. In this article, we will outline a gardening tools list that consists of the essential must-haves.


Digging into the dirt can be therapeutic, that is sure. However, when you have to dig in the dirt for a few days, you might end up with bruises and the whole ordeal will end up being more harmful than relaxing. Having the right pair of gloves to protect your hands during gardening is very important.

They are one of the most basic gardening tools, and one of the first items to get. A set of gloves should be durable, but not extremely bulky, so you can still achieve some finesse when transplanting seedlings, as well as planting seeds.

Make sure that they fit well, and don’t slip, as this can result in blisters. A water-resistant pair that has long cuffs will do the job perfectly. A longer cuff size will protect your wrists from any possible harm.

Pruning Shears

Pruning shears are a small hand gardening tool to keep plants growing nice and neat. If they let out too many leaves and branching, pruning shears can be used to cut them comfortably. They are great for cutting off dead wood too.

Choose a pair that fits easily into the palm of your hand. Once you obtain and start using them regularly, keep them sharp. Having sharp pruning shears will ensure that you do not harm the plants you are cutting. Clean cuts are very important to allow the plant to heal and keep growing well.


Also among the essential small gardening tools – a trowel. A handheld trowel is necessary for all kinds of everyday gardening tasks like breaking up soil clumps, transplanting seedlings, digging small holes, and digging up unwanted weeds.

This is a tool you will be using often, therefore buy a quality one as it will pay off in the long run. If you have children, a tiny trowel can be a great gardening tool for kids to keep them entertained during your gardening work. This will allow them to get digging too, and enjoy the outdoors together.

Hose And Watering Can

Watering tools for gardening will ensure that keeping your greenery hydrated is effortless. The hose should be long enough to reach from your spigot to your garden, so the required size will vary according to the extent of your premises.

Add a few meters of length just in case, as this may prove necessary for various tasks. Water is so important to your garden that having the extra mobility will surely be helpful. When it comes to the watering can – most importantly pick a comfortable one. Especially for seniors, gardening tools should never be overbearing.

It is better to take a few trips with a smaller watering can than to strain yourself. When choosing the right unit, check whether the handle position is comfortable to carry, as well as to pour water. Oftentimes watering cans are good for one, but not the other. The versatility of the handle should be kept a priority when choosing a unit.

Garden Rake

A gardening rake is usually made from a long handle of wood that has a uniform, metal tines on the end of it. It is used to sweep up grass clippings and all sorts of loose material that doesn’t belong in a garden. It is one of the most essential gardening tools for beginners.

A gardening rake will make leveling the soil easy, used with a little force it is also great in removing unwanted weeds. With tools that will have to withstand force, be sure to splurge a little. It is better to buy a good tool once, rather than have a cheaper one break on you and then needing to rebuy it.

Angled Shovel

When it comes to shovels, they may seem like pretty simple tools, but you would be surprised at all the varieties that exist in a gardening store. To get the best of all worlds, buy an angled shovel with a head that is triangular in shape.

It will make sure that you can dig holes with the least effort possible, as well as relocate plants and move soil around easily. Make sure to get a sturdy shovel that will last you a while as it is one of the most important tools.


If you have a large garden, watering it can become a nuisance. Especially in summer, when the grass starts to burn out due to the intense sunlight, your greenery will require a lot of water. When using a watering hose, it is easy to leave blind spots and that can prove to be deadly for your plants.

Electric gardening tools such as a sprinkler can take care of this problem. You simply attach your watering hose to the sprinkler and leave it in one place for a while. They are fantastic for watering large spaces. Rotating or oscillating sprinklers tend to maximize water usage and therefore are the best options to look out for.

Planting seeds


Once again, the necessity of this gardening tool will depend on the size of your garden. For larger spaces, a wheelbarrow will be important. Moving loads of compost, big plants, soil, and harvest is quite a task when done bucket by bucket.

A wheelbarrow is extremely useful when it comes to such tasks. Plastic ones will be cheaper, but if you are looking to use it heavily, a metal one will prove to be more durable in the long run.

Garden Knife

Carrying a small, sharp knife becomes a habit when you tend to do gardening work often. There are always strings, sticks, plants, and all types of stuff that need to be cut on short notice. Having a good, reliable knife will make your life easier in that regard. Opinel knives are a great choice. They are easy on the eyes, fold into themselves, and are sharp as knives come.


Depending on what type of garden you own will determine what type of hoe is best suited for your needs. Hoes are useful when preparing flower and garden beds, as well as for cutting down weeds.

For a vegetable garden, a wide hoe will be the best choice, whereas a perennial garden may require a thin hoe. A sharp blade will be important, as well as having a long, comfortable handle.


Dibbers are a fairly simple tool to create planting holes for seedlings, seeds, and bulbs. They mostly come with calibrated rings to measure the particular depth a given hole requires. Even though they may seem trivial, you will come to appreciate a dedicated tool once you get into planting a lot of seedlings. We recommend an oak dibber, as these are mostly calibrated and more lightweight than metal dibbers.


Any dedicated gardener will likely tell you that there are always more tools to add to your arsenal, with the best gardening tool being the next one you will buy. In some ways that is true. There are always new types of gardening tools coming out to help you with digging, watering, planting, cultivating, pruning, and all kinds of other stuff.

We hope to have given you a concise list of the main essentials to get you started. This list should cover the basic ground you will need to get most things done. As you get more into gardening, you will be able to judge for yourself what you are missing in your workflow.

We wish you the best of luck in your gardening endeavors. If you have any tips or insights regarding the best gardening tools or your favorite appliances, please share them in the comments below!

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