6 Essential Tools fora Mountain Bike Tour

Are you a biker? If yes, then it is important for you to be prepared when going for your mountain bike tour. You do not want simple problems on your bike that you can easily fix by yourself hinder you from having a good time during your tour. Since your bike is an important part of your tour, keeping it at its best is key. So, here are the top six tools that you should always carry when going on a mountain bike tour. Check out more about Cycling Guide.

6 Essential Tools fora Mountain Bike Tour

  1. Floor pump

It is basic knowledge that you cannot ride your mountain bike without air in the tires. This is without a doubt, an essential tool you will need to carry. The air pump is used to fill air into the tires. It is quicker and makes work much easier. Imagine filling your tires with air using your mouth. Hard, right? To ensure accurate pressure, I would advise you go for a digital pressure pump or a floor pump with a pressure gauge. Trekking poles are a common hiking accessory used to assist walkers with their rhythm and provide stability on rough terrain.

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Remember tire pressure is essential when you are on off-road.  With too little pressure in your tires, you risk blowing them up. With too much pressure you risk a very nervous and uncomfortable ride. You may even fall to the ground if not so careful. It is easier to tour with a lightweight pump.

  1. Hex wrench

This comes in handy when fixing your bike. Hex wrenches come in sets since they serve different purposes. Your mountain bike has numerous bolts that are of different sizes. The main function of the set of hex wrenches is to tighten or loosen those many bolts. Each hex wrench fits perfectly to one or more bolts on your mountain bike.

It is important to walk with the whole set since you will never know which bolt will decide to be stubborn during your mountain bike tour. Loose bolts are very dangerous to any biker. Therefore always check your bolts daily while on your tour especially if you are on off-road. It is a hand-held tool and should not be bulky for you to carry on your tour. They are also known as Allen keys.

  1. Multi-tool

As the name suggests, this tool offers services performed by several tools but wrapped in one tool. It encompasses tools such as different types of screwdrivers (flat head, crosshead), a chain splitter, and spoke keys among others. It may also come with spanners. Always carry one that comes with extra tools such as a knife.

This tool is very important for it reduces the load that comes with carrying every basic tool you need. This tool should not be forgotten since it can be improvised to serve the purpose of those that you forgot. It can easily be found in stores around you.

  1. Suspension pumps

This tool is used to optimize your suspension, especially when downhill. This makes you more comfortable while riding. If while on your tour and will ride on different terrains, you will definitely need to carry this tool. It is annoying that while on tour, you will keep worrying about how you will ride on the next terrain.

You can tour relaxed knowing you came prepared. Therefore traveling with this tool is definitely the solution you need. The suspension pumps will ensure you fully enjoy your time and yourself as you ride. After all, it is fun you wanted, right?

  1. Small craft brushes

Since you are on tour, you will probably come across different types of debris and a lot for that matter. Knowing that the debris will definitely be caught up in different areas of your mountain bike, you will need these brushes to clean your bike. Since the brushes are small, they make it easier for you to reach the debris in most of the areas such as chainrings, cassettes among others.

Do this to prevent the debris from spoiling your bike. As you think of this, keep in mind that you will also need to carry a gear brush. You will use it clean in between the gears of the clusters. Keeping your mountain bike clean will make it last longer than a dirty one.

  1. Rags

The rags will be used to clean some parts of the drive train. You will need a softer rag for the more sensitive parts of your bike. Well, do not forget that you will need to clean your hand after fixing your mountain bike. This should not really cost you a lot. You can always use your old t-shirt as a rag. They are light and will not be such a heavy load for to add in your toolbox as you pack for the trip.

Final Words

Once you are well equipped with the above-named tools, you can comfortably start your tour. Remember to keep checking up on your mountain bike as often as possible while on tour to avoid small problems that will, in the long run, cost you. Also, remember that you are on a tour and not on a bike maintenance trip. Have as much fun as you can while on your mountain bike tour.

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