How Do You Build a Pergola Attached to the House?

How Do You Build a Pergola Attached to the House?

If you are the one looking for shades and seclusion in your backyard, then you should go for Pergola. Now, those who don’t know about what it is and for which purpose it is used for, then don’t worry.

You are at the right place. We will discuss some points on Pergola and provide you with all the information about it. Pergola is a kind of embellishment that is designed to give shades in your backyard or front area of your home.

The homes owners who really want to enjoy and relax in their backyards are often considered this component to be added there. This enhancement in the outdoor space adds beauty and elegance to your homes. Pergolas are designed in such a way that they create visual appeal and give people the opportunity for improvement.

These beautiful improvements in your home help you with mood furnishing and extend your family hospitality. You should consider this next-level addition to your homes.

Being this trendy addition in your villas will also help you to you can gather your friends and family and organize a party at your house. You can easily add these attachments outdoor in the backyard or near the kitchen area. Now, you will get an idea about what Pergola is and is used for. Now, let us discuss the types of Pergola you can use in your homes.

Types of pergolas you can use in your house

We all know that there are several pergola designs that can be used in your homes. Each Pergola has a different intent type, structure, and form that can be used to decorate your backyard area. It can be differentiated in terms of the arbor, gazebo, and other structures. Here we are going to discuss various pergolas that people use in their homes. So, let’s get started with the list of those types.

Vinyl pergola structure

The most popular type of pergola structure is a vinyl pergola and increasingly used by a large number of people. They offer universal designs and comes with longer durability and are easily affordable. The main benefit people get while choosing vinyl pergola is that they get a choice of choosing their own custom designs. These designs are custom made and offer you a number of benefits besides choosing your custom designs. Other benefits of using vinyl pergola are:

  • They are low maintenance as the material used is temperature resistant.
  • High durability
  • Design your homes in your own way
  • Easy to install

Open-top pergola structures

Most of the people also prefer open top designs for their backyard homes. These designs allow you sufficient sunlight and air circulation in your homes so that you can enjoy your weather along with your friends and family. These appealing pergolas are placed in the garden area that exceeds the beauty of your homes and provides shade so that you can whoop the weather vines. There are several benefits of open-top pergola structures. They are:

  • Make your afternoon more enjoyable with the shades
  • Admire the entire look of your surroundings
  • Add beauty and elegance in your garden area
  • Lend plants a helping hand by providing shades
  • Durable and low maintenance

Steel Pergola structure

Steel pergola is a wise choice if you are thinking of adding Pergola to your backyard space. These frames are extremely durable and resistant to weather conditions, and that is why these pergolas are the choice of millions of homeowners. The steel pergolas are popular due to its elegant beams that add glance to your beautiful space. Their Avant grade appearance stays long-lasting in every condition. Other benefits and features of using steel pergola are:

  • They stand best of time
  • These pergola structures are extremely strong
  • Do not react with rain, rot or decay
  • Give a modern and cool look to your homes
  • Look rustic and have long-lasting strength

Sail Pergola structures

These structures are used to add shade protection to your patio or outdoor deck area. These canopies like structures use stretch fabrics instead of lattice roof. The sail pergolas provide a clean and modern look to your home exteriors.

They are also known as shade sail pergolas and placed between several poles at height. These are specially designed to reduce tension during high wind flow due to its long-lasting fabrics. You can make the use of sail pergolas to decorate your exteriors. Some benefits and features of using sail pergola structures are:

  • They are easy to install
  • They mount with steel hardware
  • You can select various fabric options to place these structures at your outdoors
  • They help to block 93% of sun rays
  • They are durable and comes with five years of warranty

Gabel or Pitch Pergola structures

A Gabel or pitch pergola structure is a great fit for those who prefer to protect themselves from rain, storm, and other weather elements. Because of their water runoff designs, these pergolas are the choice of most of the house owners. You will see these pergola structures over decks and patios placed outside the house. You can place these pergola structures over a hot tub or outdoor dining area. These pergolas are embedded with several benefits like:

  • These pergolas are ideal where there is plenty of rain occur
  • Gabel roof funnels are easy to install and comes with simple design
  • These pergolas are best in stormy months
  • Super stylish and give your house a modern look
  • Get better ventilation with these pergolas

So, these are some types of pergolas that are designed to provide shade and protection to your houses. These pergolas are designed for various purposes. We will discuss this in this article, but before getting into the purpose of installing pergolas in your houses, we will first discuss the steps that help you build a pergola attached to the house.

Steps that help you build a pergola attached to the house

There are various tools and screws that will be used in order to build Pergola attached to the house. Before you start building Pergola, we suggest you to first decide what type of Pergola you want in your house.

After deciding the type of Pergola, you need to design the shape and size of Pergola that fit in your exteriors. After that, you can create the sketch of Pergola you want in your house. In order to build your Pergola, you need to follow these steps:

Tools required: Glasses, circular saw, hammer, nails, Ladder, power mixer, carpentry pencil, Spirit level, gloves

Material required: Wooden posts, cement, sand, gravel, adjustable beams, and tube forms

Step 1: In order to build Pergola for your house, you need to mark the pergola elevation and width that you want to keep. For this, you need to mark two perpendicular lines from home soffits to the patio. This makes it easy for you to mark the desired elevation of Pergola. You can make the use of a concrete pad and bar level so that you take accurate readings.

Step 2: After marking elevation points, you need to cut and notch three beams to create the first layer of the roof. This layer needs to be placed parallel to the house. You can create a jigsaw to place beams with proper support. In this way, you can add more layers against the previous layer of the beam.

Step 3: Once you install the layers, you need to level the ledger and pre-drill holes. This will be done in order to put lag screws through the ledger. You need to tighten the lag screws with the screwdrivers or ratchets.

Step 4: After leveling the ledger and drilling pre holes, you need to drill patio for post brackets. You need to mark the centers of post brackets and drill hole in each mark. You need to tighten the hole with screws.

Step 5: The next step involves adding post support to nails and brackets. This will help them to prevent rotting in humid weather. You need to hold the post in a vertical position to secure each bracket.

Step 6: You can also hold the posts with vertical stakes to secure temporary brackets.  You can also make the use of bar levels to confirm the posts are strong and stable.

Step 7: After that, you need to align end beams to the first layer of the post. You can attach them with the help of stainless steel screws and posts using a square-ended bit.

Step 8: You can easily design the beams by cutting the curves of them.

Step 9: You can interlock all beams with each other and make use of Japanese handsaw. After that, you need to cut the final layer and fit them together with a mallet to seat them.

So, these are the steps you need to follow to build a pergola attached to your house. Now, let us discuss the purpose of the Pergola you made.

Purpose of Pergola in your house

Pergola is used for various purposes. Besides giving a unique look to your homes, these components also let you enjoy the weather by sitting outdoors. In this section, we have illustrated various benefits of using Pergola in your house. So, here is the list of benefits below:

  • Adding a well-crafted pergola in your house backyard will help you to create magnificent outdoor space. These structures will increase your house value with their designs.
  • Most of the people prefer to add Pergola to their garden area. This would serve as a fantastic way to dress up your garden or home exteriors.
  • These structures also add shades and privacy to your sitting area. You can keep a get together with your family and friends under this Pergola.
  • These simple and appealing components are attached to your lovely outdoor patio area. You can relax and enjoy the weather conditions around your surroundings.
  • Some pergola like gabled or pitched Pergola is better in stormy months. Their stylish roof will provide shades from the burning sunshine.
  • They serve as a true style statement for your house and considered to be an excellent option for your outside patio.
  • It can be customized easily according to your needs.

So, these are some benefits you will get when you install Pergola in your house. We will surely tell you that once you install the Pergola, then you will definitely enjoy sitting under it. You will see a good change in the exteriors of your home.


In this article, we have discussed about Pergola and how it helps to make your house beautiful. These are considered to be the most relaxing places in your house where you can relax and entertain in your backyard area. These visually appealing pergolas not only add beauty to your house but also give you a full opportunity for improvements.

If you have a patio or deck in your house, then you should definitely add pergolas in your house. We all know that the outdoor area of your home does not use much in summer. Therefore, installing pergolas in your outdoor area, you will get enough time to sit outdoors and admire the beauty of your surroundings. These elements also help you to convert your mood into a good one and extend the warmth of your house.

Besides this, pergolas also used to protect you in extreme conditions like rain or bright sun. These pergolas help you extend your living space and can easily be resistible for all weather changes. If you cast these pergolas correctly, then you will be able to get the proper shade of light in your area.

We have also discussed the types of pergolas you can use in your homes. Now, you get an idea of how useful these pergolas are. You can easily build your own Pergola for your house by following those steps mentioned in this article.

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