Different Materials Used to Make Residential Sheds

Different Materials Used to Make Residential Sheds

Garden sheds used to be simple structures that were just a place to store lawn mowers, shovels and other garden equipment. However, now sheds can be more complex and serve a variety of purposes for homeowners. The materials used affect the quality of the shed, and how long it will last. There are a few different materials used to make sheds, with each having their own advantages and disadvantages.

Wooden Sheds

Wooden sheds are the most traditional type of shed. Many people love this material as it gives a warm and natural feel to the shed. Along with a natural look, wooden sheds are easy to build, are customisable and can be painted with any colour. It’s also easy to add accessories such as cabinets and shelves.

Wooden sheds do come with some disadvantages however. They can be more difficult to clean compared to other materials. Wood can also attract bugs, unless treated. Wooden sheds tend to be the most vulnerable type of sheds to the elements. Harsh weather and water can affect wood and requires regular maintenance.

Plastic Sheds

Plastic sheds are made from high-quality materials such as vinyl, resin and high-density polyethylene. Plastic sheds are lighter; however, they are stronger and more durable than wood sheds. These sheds are attractive, don’t rust or rot, are waterproof and never need painting. Another advantage of plastic sheds is that they are very versatile, and can be made to look like other materials such as stone, wood and glass.

Plastic sheds also come with some disadvantages. Plastic can’t take as much weight as other types of shed materials and can’t be painted. As well as this, sunlight degrades plastic over time and the lighter weight makes them less resistant to wind. Plastic sheds may also be more expensive than metal sheds.

Metal Sheds

Metal sheds are the best solution for shed materials. Coated metal sheds provide a maintenance free solution that doesn’t rot like wood, and is strong and sturdier compared to plastic. Metal sheets are fire resistant and provide excellent weather resistance. They last many years. Metal sheds are inexpensive and come in a variety of colours to match your home.

Metal sheds come in a huge variety of sizes and styles to suit everyone’s budget. Metal sheds are perfect for smaller applications such as storing garden tools, or can be made much larger for vehicles or workshops. The main benefits of metal sheds include:

  • Low cost compared to wood
  • Don’t blister or crack
  • Do not swell or warp
  • Do not attract insects
  • Maintenance free
  • Fire resistant
  • No painting necessary
  • Made from tough steel
  • Easy assembly
  • Lockable doors

When building a shed the quality of materials matters and you will want to get the most for your money. Metal provides a quality, long lasting solution for your shed. Ranbuild Shed Dealer Perth provides products that comply with Australian standards and designed specifically for Australian conditions. Made with genuine BlueScope steel, Ranbuild Shed Dealer Perth supplies quality steel products that are guaranteed for up to 20 years.

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