NVIDIA Pascal Titan X: The next gaming giant!

You all might be thinking of buying the new AMD RX570 as it is one of the best graphics cards in the market. But what if I tell you that in most of the latest games, the benchmarks of NVIDIA Pascal Titan X are far better than RX 570. Even if you might be getting RX 570 much easier as it is widely available, but have you ever thought what makes Titan X scarce?

Yes, you guessed rightly. High rated reviews and best customer satisfaction is what makes it a fast selling product. And if we talk of RX 570, it is good but not equally!

Let’s take a look at the key features of Titan X to get a better insight of why it is the best graphics card for gaming.

NVIDIA Pascal Titan X: The next gaming giant!

NVIDIA Maxwell Architecture

It is what makes NVIDIA Pascal Titan X the best graphics card ever by delivering stunning performance and matchless power saving! Even if you are playing on 1080p displays, you can still get 4K quality displays thanks to advance sampling features and Super Resolution technology!

Dynamic Super Resolution (DSR)

You don’t need to worry if you are playing games that don’t support of 4K gaming displays because now Titan X comes with Dynamic Super Resolution features offering $K images with exceptional detailed experience.

NVIDIA GeForce Experience™

NVIDIA GeForce Experience is what is unique in most of the updated NVIDIA graphics cards. Same in Titan X, now you can optimize your online gameplay and can also access all required driver support for your card and desired games. NVIDIA ShadowPlay technology is also included in it which enables you to capture and share gameplay easily online. It means you can boast at ease now!

NVIDIA GameStream™ Technology

Even if you aren’t willing to sit in front of your PC for long and want to play on portable devices in bed, NVIDIA GameStream Technology lets you enjoy gaming experiences with a wonderful flow and low power consumption.

NVIDIA Adaptive VSync

Whenever I play either at low or high frame rates, I usually encounter extremely irritating framerate stuttering and screen tearing. The only way you can get rid of it is by buying Titan X with Adaptive VSync technology that renders the frame in a better manner. VSync eliminates screen tearing at high frames and minimizes stuttering at low frame rates.

NVIDIA SLI® Configuration Technology

We all love to add more and more to what we already have. Same is the case with Titan X graphics cards. You can have a whopping as much as 4 times better performance by linking four of Titan X graphics cards using the NVIDIA SLI configuration technology. It means enjoy everything up to four times better! Seems like the best anyone can get!

Whatever you say or decide, it’s all your choice. What I personally believe that Titan X is the best graphics card for gaming you can ever put your hands on!

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