This SMS Monitoring App is the Answer to Your Tracking Woes

This SMS Monitoring App is the Answer to Your Tracking Woes

The sudden rise of the smartphone industry a few years ago has undoubtedly made our lives a lot easier but at the same time, it has exposed us to unknown risks and threats. There are apps in the market that help us track the activities of our loved ones, ensuring their safety.

Xnspy is one of the highly-rated text spyware apps that has been making rounds on the internet due to its cross-platform compatibility. But does the app compromises on speed and performance when it comes to jailbreak and rooted phones? We find out in our Xnspy review.


Without a doubt, the biggest new feature of Xnspy is its cross-platform compatibility with both iOS and Android operating systems. The reason it is important is that most of the apps miss on this particular feature, thus missing some advanced monitoring features.

  • Android: Xnspy offers compatibility for almost all the previous version of the Android operating system. But the real catch is its support for the new Android Oreo 8.0. Not many apps in the market offer support for the new Oreo update. The other good news is that you would not need to root the Android device for installing the software unlike its competitors in the market.
  • iPhone: Xnspy is equally compatible with the iPhone. Here it offers the ease of installing the app on both jailbreak and no-jailbreak devices. But it is not mandatory to jailbreak your phone for using Xnspy. For this reason, they have developed two separate version for the iPhone users.  
  • No Jailbreak version works on iOS Versions 6.x, 7.x, 8.x up to 11.2.6
  • Jailbreak version works on iOS Versions 6.x, 7.x, 8. up to 9.0.2


Xnspy text spyware app tends to have a user-friendly interface with bright colors and cell phone usage illustrations. The app adorns an all red and white contrast throughout its menu and windows. The red and white contrast makes it easier for the user to read the highlighted information.

When you log in for the first time, Xnspy opens to the Dashboard tab which shows all the information about your account and the device. There is a graph showing data and calls information. The main dashboard also displays the last known location of the target. On the left side of the dashboard, all the features are listed in a drop-down menu. Selecting each feature displays its information on the right side of the screen. You can also toggle between different features in this list.


Xnspy’s primary duty is to collect first-hand information of the target phone and convey it to the user. The app keeps the user anonymous from all the tracking elements and automatically updates the data on the user’s Xnspy account by using the Wi-Fi connectivity.

Without the internet, the app will not work, but the app actively uploads all the information to your account when the internet is enabled on the target phone. All its features work effectively in notifying Watchlist alerts.

Xnspy claims that it does not use unnecessary data and it does not slows down the phone or drains the battery. The uploading may lag at times but that is something we experience occasionally on weak network conditions. On the whole, the performance is fine and the app leaves no strain on the phone.

This SMS Monitoring App is the Answer to Your Tracking Woes

Getting Started with SMS monitoring App

The first step to start with the app is to create an account. Visit their website and subscribe to a package to register. It will require your email address for sending your account details and any direct communication or customer service.

  • Installation

Xnspy can be used with both iPhone and Android, the setup process is slightly different for the two. Once you register for the app, you will receive an email with your account details and setup instructions. The setup process is different for both jailbreak and no-jailbreak iPhones. But it is not complicated and can be set up by following just a few simple steps.  

Payment and Pricing

Monitoring solutions do not come cheap. Some text spyware apps have a huge impact on the device’s performance if you opt for cheap options. Xnspy has two package plans available for monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscriptions. Their details are:

Basic Edition: The basic package is priced at $8.33 per month for an annual subscription. This is quite affordable as compared to other apps.

Premium Edition: As the name suggests, this package packs all the basic as well as premium features of the app. But the price is not premium, in fact, you can start using it by paying marginally above the basic package. The Premium package starts at $12.49 per month.

Xnspy does not offer any free trial version but it has a demo available on their website. The good thing is that the app offers massive discounts on both the plans which makes it further cheaper than others.  

Key Features of text Spyware app

Although the app offers more than 30 features, there are a few that attracted our attention. Here are some key features offered by Xnspy:

  • Location monitoring: It allows the user to monitor location of the target phone in different ways. You can see the real-time location of the person through your account if the internet is enabled on that phone. Location history is also available in your account which can be retrieved through your dashboard. You will get the time of visit and location details in the history. If you simply want to monitor certain locations, then you can activate the geofencing feature to monitor specific areas.
  • Monitoring text through spyware app: Xnspy has several features that cover all kinds of text messages. You can see all the incoming and outgoing messages on the target phone. With this, you will also see the contact information and time details of the messages. Another text monitoring feature of Xnspy is iMessages tracking. You can see the details of iMessages if your target is using an iPhone.
  • Xnspy’s more important feature include its instant messengers’ tracking. Xnspy will give you details on the Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Line, and Instagram chats. This feature can even give you access to the shared pictures and videos on the WhatsApp.


Xnspy offers you almost every feature that we would want from an SMS monitoring app: a multitude of monitoring and tracking features, coupled with smooth performance and affordable pricing makes it a real deal for SMS monitoring app users.

The difference of features on the iPhone version combined with the no trial period does point towards its weaknesses but it is definitely worth opting for a long-term plan.

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