What are the best alternatives to TikTok?

In today’s life, technology had taken us to another level. Every day there is a new app that comes in our life which amuses us. Technology had made our life easy and convenient to survive as well as lazy. Let’s look back a few years when we don’t have smartphones in our hand only landline for communication and we are so happy.

But as we grow life grows so as technology. We have upgraded us first with mobile phones to get connect with anyone anywhere, then started with different types of features audio-video communication like Skype, Yahoo Messenger, etc.

Now we are in the age were whole world is in our hand sitting at home. In this new era of communication and entertainment new resource are there to please us.

We live in days when no one can imagine there life without gadgets and apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, etc..all this makes our lifestyle status. When all these applications emerge in the market we have to take a note on which platform they are working on to make it successful.

 These days we work on IOS and Androids. Before we explore different type of app we need to understand the basic on which these applications are working on that is IOS and Android

When Android came into existence it always gave sweet names like Kitkat, Lollipop. If we roughly calculate there are numbers of mobile companies that are using this IOS/ Android system, but there is only a single company that is manufacturing the IOS device. The drawback with IOS is there are limited models but we get a variety of Smartphone companies using Andriod.

Previously Apple applied the style where icons, buttons were close to real. But now company prefers more plain the style design. Google acts contrariwise with this new conception called Material Design, so that application looks more native.

Andriod applications is normally placed at the top left of the screen where as IOS application title will be cantered.

Now let come to our main section of the most popular video app who made our lifestyle on a different platform to give fame as well as MONEY , which is a very important part of everyone’s life. If you are an IOS user then TIKTOK, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram is the app made for you. Android is in the phase of launching and trying to get followers.

 But don’t dishearten there are many more applications which will make life wonderful


 TikTok the most popular app of today’s generation and was rewarded as 7th most downloaded app globally since 2010 – 2019. It allows users to create a short video of them which often feature music in the background, can be high speed, slow down or edited with different filters.

You can also add your own sound on top of the background music. You can create a music video by choosing background music from music genres, edit with a filter and record a 15-second video with speed adjustments before uploading it to share with others on TikTok or other social platforms.

Lets say CHEEZ….

Cheez app allows you to not only sync music videos but also indulge in other popular video categories like comedy videos. The user gets enough of comments, likes or shares.

If you make a mistake  editing tools will help you to correct in no time. The best part of this is that you also get a prize for commenting on videos as well as watching them .you can also challenge other users like start battles and display your creativity.

Vigo Video

VigoVedio app allows you to show your creativity in 15 sec. The app allows you to make any video of 15 sec. You also say it’s a new version of Snapchat with different features. The real-time camera even allows user to glossy their skin and many more things to make you look beautiful. In this app, you get the features like Comment, like, subscribe. As your fame increase, real cash starts flowing in your bank account.


Another powerful app is LIKE. It’s a magic video maker .this application features a huge collection of dialogue materials. For example, if the music video changes its volume or syncing and any other defect this magic music filter detects it and applies filter automatically. This is a great app to place a new community where you will find users like yourself with different talents and tastes. You can also share your video on different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook trough in-app options.


Just like another video app Kwai also provide you various edit option but in a special way like text font, animated filters, stickers, and 4D motion effect.  You can also lip-sync your favorite prank, song, movie dialogues, etc. The intriguing feature of this app is that you host special events, dance battle, and challenges, unlike Facebook and Snapchat which stay for 24 hours Kwai stay for 48 hours is instead cool… and the best part of the app is that its available on both Android as well as IOS.


Dubsmash is my favorite app reason is its pioneer of video making. Dubmash is the best alternative to TikTok. Dubmash has 100 million downloads and is part of the entertainment industry. It always contains fresh material to keep freshness in entertainment. Dubsmash allows you to keep track of your friend’s video and also to check the latest trend around. Like other few apps, it also allows you to share your talent on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram besides making viral videos.


InShot is one of the premier video maker and HD pro video editors with music that helps in making videos with ease and comfort. You can trim, cut, and split the video into multiple slips as per your choice just like other Indian apps such as TikTok, KineMaster, WeVideo, and so on. You can also merge several clips into one and insert free music by applying video effects and filters. You can easily crop videos and export these on Instagram,  Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube, Twitter, and Messenger without losing the quality with just a click of a button!

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