Best managed VPS hosting with {Free cPanel, Free SSL,SSD Disk‎,Free Domain‎}

Best managed VPS hosting with {Free cPanel, Free SSL,SSD Disk‎,Free Domain‎}As most of the business has taken the road to the internet, it has become quite a difficult task to manage the web altogether.

As the business starts growing, the web presence becomes more advanced as well.

At this moment, it becomes difficult to manage the business and the web hosting together.

Although you can manage web hostings at some point, handling virtual private server(VPS) cannot be handled without the intrusion of an expert.

Trying to manage VPS on your own can become an expensive affair and may leave you stressed and unfocused.

Alternatively, you can opt for managed VPS hosting and save your time and investments.

This article will give you a complete detail on the managed VPS hosting, its benefits, and features and how it is different from other counterparts.

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What is managed VPS hosting?

A VPS is a virtual machine that is leased as a service from a particular internet provider. A VPS hosting server is by design a replica of any dedicated server.

Benefits of managed VPS hosting

The VPS is expected to behave exactly in the way a normal dedicated server runs. This includes allocated system resources, full system access, dependable performance, and hosting the server.

VPS hosting gives full power to the internet hosting.

However, hosting demands responsibility. If you try to manage your own VPS hosting, you may have to take charge onto installing software, regular upgrade your operating system, and monitor the server for issues.

When you hire a managed VPS hosting, they take away a portion of your responsibility to strike a balance between full responsibility and no responsibility.

The managed VPS hosting allows you full access to the root but takes away any complex server management responsibility on itself.

In short, the managed VPS hosting allows the user to have access and manage their own server and take a complete control but takes away risks of potential issues on itself.

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Benefits of managed VPS hosting

  1. Faster performance

The experts reveal that if the website takes time more than 6-7 seconds, users tend to leave the site and look for something else. The speed of reloading a site is a very important factor.

Google also takes the speed of the website into account while ranking them. Thus, essentially, the speed of the website attracts more visitors than the ones which take a longer time.

Managed VPS hosting can provide you with better speed and faster loading time. They improve the performance of the website as compared to shared hostings taken up by smaller businesses.

If you are running an online marketing site, a blog or a corporate website, you may likely are a managed VPS hosting for better performance.

  1. Scalability

The managed VPS hosting allows you to change the resources allocated to the server easily without worrying about a downtime.

On a shared VPS hosting, you get only a limited amount of resources which affects the website performance at large.

The negative impact on the website may lead to misconfiguration of the website as there is no real difference between the hosting space and the rest of the websites.

  1. Customer care

When your business is a part of the managed VPS hosting plan, there is always a customer support to help.

Whether you have questions regarding web hosting, concerns about the plans or the services, you can always contact the customer service through email, phone, or messages.

It is ultimately helpful for the small business owners who do not want to see a downward sloping in their business due to lack of hosting servers.

  1. Security

The managed VPS hosting provides additional security to the server.

Having a  managed VPS hosting for your server is like having an isolated place for your own resources, that is managed by you and not sharing it with anyone else.

The VPS hosting performs security configuration for you and allows you the time to work n the business development without being worried about the technical issues.

  1. Time and cost

The cost of having your own managed VPS hosting may be more than the shared hosting, but the advantages cannot be neglected.

The fact that your server is managed by a provider who takes care of all the technical issues, is almost priceless.

A tech expert is always by your side and acts as a lifesaver. They save your time and allow you to give complete attention to the work development.

How is managed VPS hosting different from normal VPS hosting?

Managed VPS hosting is more like a premium service while normal VPS hosting is the shared hosting server where you are allocated a limited amount of space.

How is managed VPS hosting different from normal VPS hosting?

Below are some of the basic difference between the two web hostings;

  • Server resources

Under normal or shared VPS hosting, you have hosting companions.

The user has to suffer some limitations as your website will not be able to use resources more than the allocated.

If you have a small business, this may not be a big deal as you can get along with the sharing server resource allocation.

With VPS hosting, you get a premium service where the whole allocation of resources is assigned to you.

If expanding the business is on your mind, then you may want to go for managed VPS hosting.

  • Performance

More resources mean better performance. However, in shared VPS hosting, you are allotted only to a certain amount of resources.

However, if your business doesn’t demand high performing web server, you may take upon shared hosting for minimum cost.

Managed VPS hosting, on the other hand, provides you with unlimited resources.

With the better overall performance, you avail flexibility to configure your own application son the server as well.

It manages the high traffic demands and multiple websites for the user as well.

  • Security

At a hosting where you share the resources with others, you are likely to come across security breaches.

You cannot expect a 100% guarantee on security and technological issues.

A minor problem created by the sharing customer maybe creates technical difficulties for others.

Managed VPS hosting ensures that you get access to a secured configuration.

As the user is the sole owner of the hosting resources, you can avail robust security features.

  • Pricing

With the above discussion, it must be clear that shared hosting is quite cheaper than the managed VPS hosting.

However, if you consider the advantages of the VPS hosting, the cost may seem worthy enough.

What is the major difference between managed VPS hosting and managed dedicated servers hosting?

  • A managed dedicated server hosting is generally under complete control of the customer.
  • The major difference between a managed VPS hosting and managed dedicated server hosting is the controlling power.
  • A dedicated server hosting is the responsibility of the user.
  • The user gets the opportunity to customize the software whenever there is a reinstallation.
  • However, not all managed VPS hosting allows the facility to the users.

What is the best web host for managed VPS considering price, scalability, and customer service?

Here is a comparison between 5 prevailing best VPS hosting server.

1. Hostiserver

  • The host server is priced at $19.95 monthly and provides 3tb of disk space.
  • The plan price of $39.95 provides 4 TB BANDWIDTH.
  • The VPS hosting has 24/7 best support and dynamic backup facility.
  • Manage sites with 2M uniques daily and more
  • The customer service is offered through internet ticketing service.
  •  All hosting plans include full tech support( better than liquidweb and cheaper)
  • Fast growing a hosting company that falls in love with more and more new customers
  • All their services with full administration and those support works at a very serious level.
  • All tariffs include a lot of free add-ons like free backup, CDN traffic, dedicated IPs.
  • Choose best HostiServer’s Virtual Servers from here.


  • Priced at $19.99, the provides ease of use with an SSD storage which is incredibly fast and secure.
  • The inMotion comes with a 90 days money back guarantee.
  • The VPS host provides disk space of 75 GB to 260 GB SSD.
  • The VPS hosting has a customer-centric feature that the customer support is top-notch.
  • Experts highly recommend inMotion VPS because of its great hardware and 24 hours customer support.


  • Priced at $29.50, LiquidWeb has the best in class technology and technical support.
  • With no money back guarantee, the customers can avail up to 1.6TB SSD disk space with a free 1-year domain name.
  • The customer support is incredible and allows the customers online support 24 hours a day.


  • Priced at $ 19.99, has a redundant storage and optional sitelock security features.
  • It allows the users to avail the product with a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • provides 30GB to 240GB SSD with a 1year free domain name.
  • There is a personalized nonstop support with an extensive knowledgebase customer care unit who helps you 24/7.


  • Among all the VPS hosting servers, hostwinds is priced quite low at $ 4.49 only.
  • With a 60dyas money back guarantee, the Hostwinds provides 20GB to 500GB disk space.
  • The domain name is chargeable at $ 14.84. hostwinds include 24 hours live chat sessions, email and over the phone customer support.

Comparing the above five VPS hostings, LiquidSpace can be considered due to its best customer support, scalability, and amazing pricing. However, if you have a small business, is a very lucrative server provider.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to try Hostiserver because they look very strong.

Advantages of SSD VPS Hosting

SSD VPS hosting is an ultra-modern form of storing devices that are based on fully flashed memory.

The SSD replaces disk-based HDD storage in terms of speed, performance, reliability and various other factors. Below are the advantages of SSD VPS hosting;

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  1. The execution of SSD as a storage media comes up with much faster server response time. This results in a lower potential rate than VPS hosting.
  2. SSD servers are comparatively much faster than the HDD. The reason behind is the data does not require reading by moving the structure.
  3. SSD VPS offers a high rate of data transfer and bandwidth as it contains high-performance speed in writing and reading.
  4. The high speed of writing and reading competency provides solid state storage as well.
  5. SSD has a structural robustness, anti-vibration structure, and lightweight It is less prone to failures which makes SSD highly reliable than HDD.

Difference between VPS hosting and managed WordPress hosting

A VPS hosting is the next level shared hosting server that provides a well-balanced web hosting to the users. T

he Virtual private server is one of the reliable web hosting services. It is basically a mixture of shared hosting and dedicated server hosting. Every user is provided with prescribed resources to save the data on it.

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It is a part of the complete server where the user can enjoy the benefits of the web hosting by paying a small amount.

WordPress hosting is a service that abstracts the management of a server and WordPress applications.

The WordPress hosting helps you to concentrate on the other aspects of the business as it takes complete responsibility for web hosting. WordPress web hosting is easy to use and comes preinstalled with the WordPress itself.

How can I manage a website by VPS hosting

in order to host a website on VPS hosting, you need to follow the below steps.

Considering that you are connected to an internet connection using a root user, follow the below steps;

  • If you want to host a single domain name on the VPS hosting, al you need to do is put up the domain name to the IP address of the VPS.
  • By default, the document root of the server is /var/www/HTML. Now you may upload the contents of the website in this directory.
  • The websites are now accessible using the IP address of the VPS hosting website.
  • You can easily manage the website contents through the VPS hosting website itself.

What is a cloud-based hosting?

Cloud-based hosting is quite similar to VPS hosting. However, where VPS hosting provides you with a physical administration, cloud-based provides the whole network of computers from which you can pull the power dynamically.

Cloud-based hosting is highly scalable as compared to other hosting servers.

Instead of portioning one computer into several virtual machines, cloud-based combines several computers into one powerful virtual server. it provides unlimited resources to the users.

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Nowadays, large companies have stopped contacting VPS hosting servers and have taken over the cloud-based hosting due to its scalability and unlimited resources offered.

The cost of the cloud-based hosting is much lower than other web hosting servers. This is because the charges are charged only on one computer and the number of resources you end up using at the end of the month.

What are the best VPS hosting providers in Europe?

Some of the best VPS hosting providers in Europe are;

  1. Hostiserver {HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
  2. BlueHost
  3. HostGator
  4. InMotion Hosting
  5. Ipage
  6. GoDaddy
  7. Fatcow
  8. HostMonster
  9. JustHost
  10. EUKHost

As you get the idea about the managed VPS hosting, you can choose the best provider depending on the prices, your uses, needs, scalability and customer support of the VPS hosting provider. You must choose a VPS hosting that fulfills your budget and your requirements.

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