Why Do You Need a CDN?

Do you own a website that needs a boost in its loading performance? Subscribe to a CDN service and watch the difference.

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network which is making rounds around the digital world to improve the performance of a site. It is now considered as one of the easiest methods that can make a site load at lightning speed.

Today all the leading speed checking tools like Google Page Speed and GT Metrix are in favor of content delivery network (CDN).


Content Delivery Network Architecture

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What is a CDN and How Does It Work?

What is a CDN and How Does It Work?

Generally speaking, website owners and bloggers prefer to use shared hosting, where all the files get hosted in a data center. But if a user is too far from his data center, there could be latency due to numerous high pings and thus it can result in a lot of delay for the site to get loaded.

On the other hand, a content delivery network or a CDN reseller will have data centers located in different geographical spots, so when a site is subscribed to a CDN, all the files containing static files, images, videos and other would be served directly from the nearest CDN data center whenever a reader visits that site. From this, we can assume what are the benefits of using a CDN.

  • Reduces the Pings and Latency

The first and foremost benefit of using a CDN is that it reduces the pings and latency. It happens this way because the CDN uses a content replication technique that copies the content on different servers located in different regions.

  • Better Performance

When the content gets cached around the digital world, it has to cover the shorter distance to reach the users that not only help to reduce the latency but even contributes largely to minimize the packet loss.

  • Scalability

By offloading traffic into a CDN, it becomes easier to manage the traffic spikes while scaling up or down within a short span of time.

  • Reliability

Whenever requests are made, they are always routed to the nearest possible location. So, if there is an issue with one server, requests get automatically transferred to the next available server.

  • Lowering Costs

A content delivery network requires less self-managed infrastructure thus it becomes easier to reduce the infrastructure and maintenance costs.


Improves SEO

For every website, Page speed plays the key role in page ranking. Most of the search engines consider the loading time of a page to be one of the most important criteria in their ratings. This way CDN directly helps in improving the SEO of a website.

Increase in Conversions and Sales

Because your site loading doesn’t take any time, number of readers would visit your website and you would even have more returning visitors. As a result, there would be more conversion rates, and if your site is an e-commerce one, it would definitely have more sales as online payment would occur in smooth succession. So, more people would start trusting your site and prefer to use it after getting frustrated with other slow running sites, which gave them lots of trouble while making an online payment.

Expertise in Handling More Traffic

If you are fortunate enough to have blog posts going viral, the invariable result is a heavy load of traffic frequenting your server. At that moment there are chances that your site crashes down and start shooting errors like“Database error” or “Internal server error”. That would work as a deterrent factor on the visitors and you can end up losing all the current traffic sources. To avoid this, using a CDN service would be the ideal solution. A good content delivery network service would help in minimizing any such down incidents and would be able to handle a lot more traffic to your site efficiently.

Reduce the Cost of Hosting

If you are using a dedicated, a VPS hosting, or any hosting with limited bandwidth, subscribing to a CDN service would reduce the total hosting cost by a significant margin.

Winding Up

As CDN services are way cheaper than any other web hosting service, with all your files serving from the close-knit CDN servers, the overall experience with websites and blogs would give you the desired effect and it would be ready to go for higher ranking in Google.

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