Best JavaScript File Downloader Libraries

Best JavaScript File Downloader Libraries

JavaScript or JS is a high-level, just-in-time compiled, and multi-paradigm programming language.

JavaScript is one of the integral elements of the World Wide Web along with HTML and CSS. It is used on both server-side as well as client-side and allows you to make web pages interactive.

Some of the common examples of JavaScript might be – the search box on any platform, a news clip embedded in the economic times, etc.

From a simple static page, JavaScript can transform your website into an interactive one. There are n number of applications of JavaScript in our day-to-day life.

What is JavaScript used for?

  • Adding an interactive element to web pages: JavaScript allows us to interact with web pages. Using a drop-down menu, audio/video playing on the webpage, the show more/hide button for a paragraph, etc.
  • Creating mobile and web applications: JavaScript frameworks are used to build and develop the applications. The frameworks are collections of various JS libraries which helps the developers with the pre-written codes for different tasks. Some of the popular front-end frameworks are – React, React Native, Angular, and Vue.
  • Creating Server applications: JavaScript can be used to create simple web servers and back-end platforms using Node.js.
  • Game development: The games which are played on the browser are coded in JavaScript only.

What are JavaScript Libraries?

JavaScript is the most used programming language when it comes to building web applications because it works efficiently across all browsers. When the adoption and popularity of JavaScript were increasing, the JavaScript community observed something. They saw that certain patterns were used again and again to complete the same task. So, to avoid writing code every time, this task was automated using JavaScript Libraries.

JavaScript Libraries are nothing but pre-written codes that can be used or reused to complete common JavaScript functions. The inception of the JavaScript library was directed by jQuery. It is a library that simplifies HTML DOM (Data Object Model) manipulation and event handling, CSS animations, and Ajax.

In the year 2011, Facebook developed a JavaScript library called React. This library is used for user interface (UI) development. React is a component-based library and it helps the developers in creating views for each state of the application. This increases the speed of development and developers have fewer number of bugs.

Below is the list of JavaScript File Downloader libraries:


When we browse content on any website we are on the client-side of the Internet architecture. The typical architecture comprises a server and clients. FileSaver.js is a library that helps clients save a file. The speed and efficiency of this library are commendable. In any HTTP response, the content-disposition response header highlights whether the content is inline displayed or as an attachment. For downloader libraries, attachments should be included in the header.


This downloader library is used for heavy files, the files which are bigger than blobs. If you have limited random access memory then you can use streamsaver.js. The data/file is saved into the physical drive using the proper advanced settings. The library uses streaming APIs which support progress, canceling, and notification features. The data is downloaded and saved asynchronously using these APIs.


This library makes use of the Canvas-toBlob function in HTML5 or Canvas-toBlobHD function when the browser is not supporting the latter natively. In addition to this, the blob support function is the primary requirement and is present in both of the functions. With the inclusion of Blob.js, it becomes a cross-browser functionality.


This library is included with various types of libraries like Canvas-toBlob.js. It is required for browsers that do not support Canvas-toBlob. This library supports all the browsers and uses a W3C blob interface which is unsupported by the browser natively.


This library is a cross-server platform one and the process of downloading a file becomes smooth. The experience of the user is enhanced using the callback functionality. Since it is using jQuery, the user can actually see the progress of the download, and if any error occurs then it is also reflected in real-time. A new window pops up and the download happens in it, users need not leave the current page.


JavaScript is known for its speed. Client-side JavaScript is quite fast, it runs immediately within the client browser. One of the most admired features of JavaScript is its simplicity. It is easy to learn and implement. It is one of the most popular platforms available for developing anything on the web.

It provides the best libraries and the end-product becomes rich. Above are some of the JavaScript Downloader libraries which are operational and are available free of cost. If you are looking for something similar, search for them and start downloading.

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