Asp.Net – Powerful Programming Language for Web Development

As a widely used framework for developing web applications on the server, you need to enter ASP.Net. Version 4 of the Framework is used by more than 59% of websites using ASP.Net. Along with dynamic websites and web applications, also enables platform developers to create web services in one quick step. If you have not been migrated to a development framework for modern web applications, it is time to understand why ASP.Net is considered as a powerful language for web development.

What makes a strong ASP.Net language for web development?

Asp.Net – Powerful Programming Language for Web Development

More efficient code

Unlike ASP, ASP.Net is designed as a framework (POO) oriented as the real thing. So allow developers to better manage and organize code and better. They also have the option of using optimized to produce a faster Internet applications compiled code. Usually, programming languages ​​like PHP code runs as meaning. So the speed of the affected application. Lagunas ASP.Net overcome by using optimized compiled code. At the same time, the project manager can easily separate code and markup to accelerate the development of web applications in a distributed environment.

Many classes have great functionality

ASP.Net also allows programmers to directly access a collection of more than 4500. NET Framework Class Library. These classes can be used to add various functionalities, Internet applications without writing more, such as file upload, image development, XML, SMTP and accessing data code. In addition, ASP.NET Web Forms can be used to add some business objects and control the user interface server. At the same time, the web site or application can also be optimized for mobile and handheld devices with ASP.NET Mobile Internet Toolkit. The classes are effective in providing personalized support based on application requirements well.

Great tool Visual Studio.Net

Advanced tools provided by Visual Studio IDE programmer help in developing more robust ASP.Net applications in a shorter period of time. They can use web design, database and debugging tools to create the perfect environment for web development. This feature of the IDE debug can be used to test, debug and add pages changes during the show. Compared to other web development framework, Visual Studio. NET IDE will provide programmers with a variety of tools useful for developers to reduce development time.

Support for various programming languages

Often, developers who put the time and effort to master new programming languages. Many programmers also need more time to write complex code in a familiar language. ASP.Net allows programmers to start building a website without having to learn a new programming language. At present, in the framework of web application development is compatible with more than 25 programming languages ​​such as C , Visual Basic.Net, C + + and JScript. Besides the choice of programming language of your choice, each developer has the option to access more features of other languages &8203;​are also supported. At the same time, he can use JavaScript and CSS editor provided by Visual Studio 2012 to improve the appearance of the website without any hassle.

Easily Integrate Multiple ASP.Net Framework

Visual Studio 2013 enables developers to mix and match with your other ASP.Net MVC Framework, Web Forms, Web API and SignalR. As a programmer can combine several Framework is available on its remarkable features now. The inclusion of some additional framework allows developers to create a single project that supports ASP.Net MVC, Web Forms, Web API and SignalR. Therefore, it becomes much easier to add new functionalities to the project. At the same time, a developer can now add another frame using the framework library. For example, you can add the library to a Web Form MVC project without any interruption.

However, it requires the developer to remain focused on the latest trends in the development of ASP.Net. For example, the web interface for Access. NET (OWIN) allow developers to separate the web application from a web server using a common interface. Similarly, a programmer can use SignalR to add real-time features in ASP.Net applications without writing code that is long and complex. This trend will continue to contribute to reduce the time and cost of the overall project developer ASP.Net.

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