4 Reasons behind the popularity of installing Yii Framework

4 Reasons behind the popularity of installing Yii Framework

There is no denying the fact that PHP has grown to become one of the most powerful and popular scripting languages. Along with the development of PHP, it also appear an extraordinary variety Framework. PHP Framework proved to be a boon for web development as it will help in reducing the overhead associated with performing routine web development. In addition, this framework also helps promote reusable code.

Including Zend, CodeIgniter etc. Symphony2 Yii PHP Framework is now considered as the most popular widely used by developers to create Web 2.0 applications. What is Yii PHP Framework larger than others lies in the fact that you have a high quality model structures that help improve the process of loading.

Yii Framework can be used to build all kinds of applications that have proved successful in attracting good traffic to the portal or website with an online forum. Let’s look at some of the main benefits of the framework that makes it a hit with developers Let:

Model View Architecture

Basically, it is the most important advantage of Yii framework – based on the MVC architecture and allows you to build web applications in a way that well structured. Since almost everything is configured correctly, you can take the help of some programmers.

Source Code

Benefits are worth more than the Yii Framework Developer, as opposed to a company that aims to make the service Yii development framework.

Every time you’re working on something that involves programming, is expected to have knowledge of the written program. However, write a program that is necessary not just to have a good familiarity with coding, but also requires the maintenance of a great concentration to develop the logic of your program. But even concentrations that do not pay, if you can not solve the structure of the code. In simple words, programming can be complex at times, and may be difficult for you to understand the logic.

Yii PHP framework is a wonderful source with easy to understand people who have no knowledge of programming. Furthermore, for the novel began to want to learn programming, source code Yii provides a great start to learn PHP easily.


Yii is combined with integrated authentication and authorization functions are easy to use and can be easily changed. Therefore, this framework ensures maximum security for your applications built with the framework. Some features that verification can be done with the help of Yii as:

Check if the user is online or not.

This ensures that users who want to access the application have the right to use a particular operation or not.

It helped pick up some unique identity proof and other relevant details about the identity of the user, and thus make it easier to determine the authenticity of the user.

The error debug

Mistakes are bound to arise at any point of time, and finding errors can create anxiety in the development of corporate and individual developers alike. Fortunately, easy debugging Yii. Yii provides a number of exceptions debugger that can handle even fairly complex easily with the help of various sizes cunning. Furthermore, Yii provides results in a very well organized.

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