HTML5 Video Player Code: What It Is and How to Make?

HTML5 is an extension to HTML that is combined with a browser support system to allow you to embed a video on your website page or blog without any special plug-in to play it. You should note that it is not a video format.

Moreover, HTML5 works in all modern browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and IE among others. It is supported by the most current and common mobile devices like Windows, Android, and Apple just to mention a few.

As for its player controls like play or pause, the browser being used is always in charge. You just have to upload the videos or host the videos on a web server. Consequently, you have to add the HTML code to the website or blog.

HTML5 Video Player Code: What It Is and How to Make?

In the current digital age, HTML5 is not optional anymore you need it.

In brief, HTML5 allows your video player to operate and still form the building blocks of your player. You just need to know how to create HTML5 player on your website.

You can always write the code using tutorials or use HTML5 video converter, which quickens the whole process. HTML5 video converter can convert any video file to HTML5 format and provide a ready code with a media player, to embed directly onto a website or webpage.

You just have to double-check on whether the converter works with any browser and on any device as well as if it supports most video formats in the current digital space.

It is simple and quick if you put your mind to it. This article will show you how to convert and embed HTML5 video on site if you have a HTML5 video converter.

How to Create HTML5 Player on Your Website

You can follow these few steps after you have downloaded and installed HTML5 video converter on your laptop or PC. Get to know how the software works and what you want to achieve with it before using. This way you maximize all its benefits.

Add Files You Want to Encode to HTML5

Select any video you want to add to your website and drag them into the HTML5 video converter software. Depending on the software, you can encode multiple clips at once be it offline AVI videos or online FLV or SWF video.

You can also create one complete film, by using the ‘Join on’ option. This way you avoid overloading your online page.

Edit Videos

In case you want to edit your video files, look for an option to do so within the software. The best usually have them. You can even remove adverts.

Choose ‘to HTML5’ Option

Look for more options and select one that leads you ‘to HTML5’. Open its settings and select the clip quality as well as its destination path.

Convert Files and Get a Ready HTML5 Code

You can then click the ‘Convert’ button to generate a code and media for your webpage/website. The ready-made HTML code usually contains a player for your website. You can copy the code and embed it on your webpage, where you want the video clip to appear. Do not forget to upload the media to your blog or website.


Conclusively, you can search for ways to write HTML5 code, as well as how to embed HTML5 video on site. However, HTML5 video converter is the easiest way, but the choice is always yours when you want to create HTML5 player.

You cannot bypass this technology, it is in full force now and every website that is serious about its online progress is on it. It is one way to stay ahead with your online business.

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