The 5 must-have accessories when you are getting ready for snowboarding adventure!

The 5 must-have accessories when you are getting ready for snowboarding adventure!

Snowboarding, these days have been a highly preferred adventurous activity – specially during the winter. While the adventure sport remains popular through out the year in the snowy countries, it is a very seasonal sport in countries like India. Check out more about snow goggles.

Snowboarding, apart from being a sport for pleasure is also a competitive game appearing in the winter Olympics in several countries. The popularity of this game is unbeatable in the foreign countries.

There are hundreds of products, boards, boots, markets, and gadgets out there and adventurers test as many gears as they can, but they can’t check everything. So, the best approach is this: do a lot of research to find out what looks the most promising, and then call the gear you think has the most power.

Generally, all of these items can be unisex or are available for both men and women. And obviously, everyone has his or her own riding style, and own ideas. Everyone’s miles are different.

Here are some of the best accessories one would ever need to snowboard! Make sure to check them out one by one closely.

1. K2 Alchemist Snowboard 2021

This snowboard is the best accessory I could gather so far. To look at its specs closely, you need some good energy and power to hold on your anticipation levels.

  • K2 cut wood with board noses
  • light fiberglass (called K2 SpaceGlass).
  • reinforced with separate carbon fiber straps allowing it to maintain its strength
  • Medium wood – mixed bamboo blending with other
  • A delicious nose that bends and bends over the cut and loves to dance on smooth, adjusted runs.
  • The light tip and tail reduce the weight of the rotation, so the board moves from edge to edge without power.

All these effects are just charming when you land on the snow. Snowboard, being the first accessory when it comes to snowboarding must be chosen wisely. And this product is definitely the best one you can ever have.

2. Bib pants

With these pants you will never have to worry about getting ice down your legs again. These comfortable and smart pants also protect you from the wind and keep you warmer and crozier than traditional pants. Therefore, this becomes a must-buy accessory for any of the snowboarders out there. The bib pants are always comfy and look better – professionally as well.

The features will drive you crazy here. Have a look –

  • Chest pockets
  • Radio holders
  • Waterproof zippers
  • Phone holders
  • Stretched horizontal muscles
  • Capped with additional waterproofing protection

3. Snowboard app

In the 21st Century where Internet is everywhere, having this very essential app becomes a necessity because internet is even on the slopes! In addition to removing your snowboarding feeling, apps can give you important information in real time, track statistics, and help you get a better experience snowboarding.

Here are some apps for your phone that you can download for free –

  • Ski and Snow Report– you will never miss the new snow with this app. Get worldwide snow reports and over 2,000 mountain warnings. Use this app to plan your trip to avoid bad weather.
  • Track snow– this app helps you to track all the statistics from your day on the mountain including – speed, calories, and GPS map for all your running. You can compare statistics with friends or use the app to track your snowboarding progress over time.
  • SNOCRU– communication sources are important for the snow boarders every time. You will be able to stay in touch with your friends while you are on the slopes with tracking features, and compete with them in real time.

4. Snowboard lock

The present era calls for consciousness and security more than anything else. You would definitely not want your expensive and favourite snowboard to be stolen in any way. Therefore, having a snowboard lock is a great way to maintain safety and security of your board as well as the money spent.

But there’s something you will need to know before buying a snowboard lock –

Cable lock vs tether lock – snowboard lock cable is a flexible metal cord that you can use to wrap your board ties and rack to lock it. The tether lock is very small, which means you have to carry it, but it is very secure.

Combination lock vs key lock – I recommend you to using a lock of combination. There is nothing worse than losing your key somewhere and having to find a lock cutter.

5. Socks

You are surprised to see this but this is definitely an important part of the to-have list for any snowboarder. Two suitable socks keep the feet warm and prevent blisters and sore feet. Hopefully, you will know that if you don’t have good socks at the end of the day. But that by then shall be too late.

Avoid buying the wrong pair with the following purchase tips:

  • Size– always make sure you try on socks with your snowboarding boots before you buy them. While thick socks can be very protective, usually, light weight socks are good enough to keep you warm while breathing a lot.
  • Material – Different fabrics have different levels of comfort and moisture absorbers. Compact materials in general tend to retain their texture better than natural materials such as wool. I recommend the ones made mostly of acrylic, because they are soft in a simple way and look better. With natural socks, you can’t beat the Merino fur, which is incredible for its warmth and breathability.
  • Wear only two socks – once you have bought a good pair, wear only one. Wearing two pairs of socks at a time increases the tension and pressure around your boots, giving you blisters and sore feet. Buy high quality socks if you find yourself wearing two pairs of socks because of cold feet.

These are the five very essential accessories you must have while you’re going on a snowboarding adventure with your friends or cousins. Make sure that you have these with you before you get on with your adventure trip!

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