Top 10 Best Working Nintendo 3Ds Emulator for PC & Android

Top 10 Best Working Nintendo 3Ds Emulator for PC & Android

Nintendo is the largest video games developing company originated in Japan. Nintendo founded in the year of 1889 and has worldwide top-selling video games now. 

Not only Video games also create many other businesses since 1963. But the video game development makes Nintendo reputation.

 In 1970’s Nintendo enter into the game development and becomes a most influential company in Japan.

Initial stages Nintendo corporation works hard to achieve a Top ranking. But they can’t find any success.

 In 2011, Nintendo developed and released a portable game console named Nintendo 3Ds Emulators. It’s a competitor for the PlayStation Vita from Sony. Nintendo 3ds considered the latest version of famous series of a video game.

Nintendo 3DS Emulators can display stereoscopic 3D effects without using the 3D glasses and its 3DS are backward-compatible with the DS and DSi. Now Nintendo popularly known for its 3d games and you can enjoy those games using some best working Nintendo 3ds emulator for pc & android.


What is an Emulator?

Any hardware or software which allows one computer system to behave like another computer system. Here, one computer system is known as a host and another computer system is known as a guest.

Nintendo uses this emulator technology that duplicates the graphic in another system. With Nintendo 3Ds emulator we can control over many of Nintendo 3Ds games, no real gaming console is needed if you are using Nintendo 3Ds emulator.

If you want to have a thrill entertainment play Nintendo 3ds emulator.

Nintendo 3DS Emulators Feature :

  1. Playing the game on Nintendo 3DS Emulator is easy and creates too much interest for different age groups especially teenagers.
  2. Today most of our computer systems build with the inbuilt Virtual card so we don’t want to get external virtual graphics cards. By using the Virtual graphics card in the computer system it gives the best gaming experience ever.
  3. Resolution of the game really matters so you can maintain full resolution in Nintendo 3DS Emulators. Every game player would like this feature.
  4. Nintendo 3ds emulator games can be played by the single user as well as by the multi-user. So enjoy the game with yourself and also with your friends.
  5. It also supports external control for these games so you can use the wireless microphone and any other external controls that make user experience at peak.
  6. Availability of 3D games for Nintendo 3ds emulators is a lot so you can download and enjoy as many as possible and available.
  7. Nintendo 3ds emulator games have the auto-rotation feature so can support both portrait mode and landscape mode. So the user can rotate the screen after turn on the auto-rotation feature.

In further discussion, we are gonna see Top 10 Best Working Nintendo 3Ds Emulator for PC & Android

  • Citra Emulator
  • 1) Citra Emulator

    Citra emulator is a famous 3D game available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Citra emulator is an open source project of Nintendo 3Ds emulator and user-friendly game so anyone can play across the world.

    Citra emulator has some exciting feature that is split the screen into two screen that makes you love this game.

    Citra emulator game has a full revolution of 60 frames per second. There is also anti-aliasing feature in Citra emulator game.

    Citra Emulator supports only 64-bit version of OS and currently not available to 32-bit Version of OS.

    Citra Emulator requires Virtual Graphics based on OpenGL 3.3 or above which is common on all basic and mid-range AMD and Intel chipsets. 

    • DeSmuME

    DeSmuME is an open source project available for Windows both 32-bit as well as 64 bit and also Mac and receives regular updates and bug fixes for better performance, making it as one of the most used DS emulators.

    Desmude is an emulator which works on C++ 2010 runtime DLL. Have to check the system whether it has visual C++ 2010 before installing DeSmuME. Desmume have essential features in itself it is a cheating management system. So we can also see the reply using these cheat codes. Desmume have a function in which we can apply cheat codes.

    Using cheat codes, we can get many extra gameplay features. Desmume have microphone support and have built-in video recorder for helping some for a video presentation of their gameplay.


  • NeonDS
  • NeonDS is an aged Nintendo DS emulator and can be used to play some commercial games.

    Now the Game developers have ended its support and it is available only for Windows-based systems.

    NeonDS emulator came out officially for launch in 2011 which is free. NeonDS have millions of users to download from the internet and millions of user across the world who are playing NeonDS game.

    Anyone who is looking for a smooth and straightforward emulator gaming experience can go for the NeonDS emulator.

  • iDeas
  • iDeaS can load a number of commercial and super popular games like Super Mario 64 DS and Pokémon diamond and pearl. 

    The users can choose to download the game for free from

    IDeaS is a one of the best Emulator with OpenGL and it also supports dual screen processing and recent updates of iDeaS emulator app have enormous features.

  • TronDS Nintendo 3ds emulator
  • TronDS Nintendo 3ds emulator identified as an old model came with several updates. Presently, this Nintendo 3ds emulator is out of the business. 

    TronDS is a not so popular Nintendo 3Ds emulator and its development has also stopped posting the initial stages, but now it can’t be utilized to play other than simpler and basic games.

    The emulator is unstable, not known to a lot of people, and can be used to play very simple 3DS programs such as Homebrew.

    The emulator has also not been updated for a very long time.

  • RetroArch
  • RetroArch is an open source and free. RetroArch emulator is available for PC, MAC, LINUX. You can play many titles for Nintendo 3DS without using the console. The emulator boasts of high system availability like Nintendo DS, Play Station, SNES and Game Boy.

    Most of the emulators that we discussed above come under the core class, RetroArch is slightly complicated when compared with others emulators. I

    t should be used to play a very special category of games. You can customize the keyboard control as you want and can use the external controller to play the game.

  • Drastic DS Emulator
  • Drastic DS emulator is the most popular game played by the game user across the world. The Drastic emulator is an App for loading and playing the Nintendo DS games on your Android device.

    Just an intermediate-range smartphone is more than enough to play the games without any trouble.

    Drastic DS Emulator allows you to install multiple games and option to choose the game to load along with this there are some options like cheat codes ability and the user can use on-screen virtual controls on the touchscreen.

    There are several other features that every gamer will look forward to such as Controller Customization, Google drive support, fast forward, screen layout customization, support for hardware and software customization etc. Drastic DS supports the smoother and faster play of almost all the classic and interesting Nintendo 3Ds games on android systems.

    Drastic DS Emulator gives you best resolution and graphics quality. DraStic DS Emulator is regarded as one of the most stable emulators that are available in the market today and its a paid only version App and you can get it at $5.49.

  • Ultimate x3Dsx Gold
  • 8) Ultimate x3Dsx Gold

    Ultimate x3Dsx Gold is available on Google play store with latest updates and the sad part is that Ultimate x3Dsx Gold is not for windows, mac and another operating system, its available only for Android game users.

    Ultimate x3Dsx Gold has some best and unique features that we can use the external wireless controller in Ultimate x3Dsx Gold.

    This unique feature of the external controller makes you enjoy the game.

    And even if you are gonna play with some low-end mobile Ultimate x3Dsx Gold will work perfectly.

    Nintendo games offer amazing features like permitting the use of external controllers, as well as access to a solar sensor, gyroscope, tilt, and many more.

  • Nds4droid
  • nds4droid is an open source emulator for android. This emulator offers only for few essential support this is not as much attractive as another emulator. nds4droid emulator functions for some of the basic functionality of saving game state. In this emulator, you cannot access all the features and games like the above other emulators.

    Nds4droid is has existed for so many years. Due to the long presence of this application in the market coupled with its effectiveness in providing smoother gameplay for almost all Nintendo games has made it super popular around the world.

    A few updates to speed up can fix the App and push towards positive reviews and ratings in the play store and there won’t be any Ads as this is an open source emulator.

  • Matsu PSX emulator
  • Matsu PSX emulator support Nintendo ds game as well as Nintendo 64 game file. Matsu PSX emulator is available for Android to download. Not only this Matsu PSX emulator can also load the game from another console including PSP, PSX, SNES, NES, and GBA.

    In Matsu PSX emulator while we are playing the game, we can even save the current game level and continue later on when we like to resume from where we left the game. The emulator supports different functions such as game save/load state, fast forward/rewind.

    The feature of saving game is essential for every gameplay. Without saving function, a game cannot be saved therefore a player have to play the game till the end in one level. When we restart a game, it comes from the beginning this makes an exciting game boring. This feature of Matsu PSX emulator attracts more users.

    How to download the Nintendo 3DS Emulator for windows

    Now I think everyone is interested to make a download and play in your computer screen so let us see How to download the Nintendo 3DS Emulator for Windows 7/8/8.1/10.

    1. Use the link to download the file.
    2. Once downloaded, make an installation like other apps.
    3. After click on the file follow this path Setting> Security> Apps Management> Enable Unknown source.
    4. Please ignore the above step if you have already enabled an unknown file
    5. Now you need to login to play store using Google account.
    6. After that download 3DS emulator desktop file on your PC.
    7. When your 3DS emulator file get download open your downloaded file by right click on the file and click on BlueStacks
    8. Now install a specific app on BlueStacks then run that app
    9. Finally, you can enjoy the Nintendo 3DS Emulator games on your PC.

    How to Download the Nintendo 3DS Emulator for Android

    1. Use the link to download the file.
    2. Once the file gets downloaded, open the downloaded file, there is an option named as 3DS emulator android APK file click on that
    3. After click on the file follow this path Setting> Security> Apps Management> Enable Unknown source.
    4. Please ignore the above step if you have already enabled an unknown file.
    5. Click on the install button located on the bottom of the right corner to install on your android device.
    6. Once the installation process completed you can enjoy the game on your Android device.

    All the above mentioned Nintendo 3DS emulators are best to download and enjoy your gaming experience. Nowadays Nintendo 3ds emulators search volume is high worldwide on the internet.

    You can enjoy the Nintendo 3DS emulator video game on PC as well as Android smartphone. Most of the games are the free and open source in the Play store, and some paid for downloading the games. 

    Use the authorized website to download the games, many fake websites available on the Internet beware of these fake sites to avoid malware and viruses this may harm your pc or your files.

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