The advancements in the gaming industry is a factor to the boom of millions of gaming devices that we see outside in the market today.

Globalization has further led to the mobility of these devices from one country to another thereby letting it spread out to the mass and for the mass usage.

Gaming world has been constantly driving us crazy and leaving us mesmerized by the technical and creative notions it carries. If there’s a place that can shock us with both its technical and creative lines, then it is Gaming.

However, for a better experience in gaming, today’s youngsters and kids crave for a better system. They have their own demands like 8 GB RAM at a minimum and a set of supercool video games. Some people also go for mid-range gaming over the laptop if they don’t have a PC.

Nevertheless, a PC specifically endorsed to gaming is something that is a dream for every small big gamer. They also do good with a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). A few gaming systems that have made it popular on the hot list in the recent times are – Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation etc.

Gaming consoles have made a bigger part of the whole gaming experience. We see different types and styles of gaming consoles that provide the best experience on playing. The game designers have been continuously battling to make it feel real rather than reel. And the gaming consoles are solely responsible for improving the gaming experience from time to time. An advancement in the quality of the gaming consoles is all that one requires with the passage of time.

After all the usage and gaming experiences, however, the one thing that we often forget about is the maintenance of the gaming consoles. We don’t pay much attention to the subject that gaming consoles also need to be cleaned and kept safe from various dust and germ particles that accumulate in it over time.

According to recent research by the Betway Insider, it is found out that gaming consoles have three times more bacteria than on a toilet seat which is an astounding result we ought to consider seriously.

As we hold a gaming console, time and then place it anywhere and everywhere around the house, it leaves enough room for the germ particles and bacteria to get accumulated into the console. Even if you live in a dust-free environment, it is not free from bacteria.

Here are the various reports of various company’s gaming consoles. Take a closer look –

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PlayStation –

Even the top most selling gaming consoles of the recent times are also recorded to be the least clean and have accumulated the greatest number of bacteria. They are the colony-forming bacteria and they are more than the amount found on a toilet seat.

The more specific parts for the bacterial growth are the buttons and joysticks. These places absorb most of the colony forming bacteria more than any other surface. The highest case has reached to 650 units of bacteria which is definitely much more than the number of bacteria we find on a kitchen surface.

Xbox –

Comparatively, Xbox is a cleaner console as per the recent test reports and showed a lesser number of bacteria formations of 62.5 more than double of what is found on a toilet seat. And the specific area for Xbox consoles is the handles of the controller which showed the 82 units of bacteria.

There are also instances of the dirtiest samples with the worst case that tested 5,615 units on the controller’s buttons. This is the highest number of affected controller buttons in case of Xbox series consoles.

PC –

The Pc has gone into worse situations when it comes to collection of bacteria in the consoles. The PC is relatively a larger system with various devices and each device has its own count on bacteria formation. The keyboards show plenty of signs of colony forming units of about 165 units and a median mouse carries even more than the keyboard’s number of bacteria – 245 units.

We usually don’t focus on cleaning these devices with disinfectants due to the risk of electricity. The ‘On’ button on the CPU has the majority of the bacteria across all platforms.

Switch –

The switch offers the cleanest version of gaming and as compared to the other systems, this console has just 55 colony forming units and it is the lowest numbers throughout all the tested platforms.

In this case, the bacteria are mostly accumulated in the buttons of the controllers.

Cleansing –

Now that we’ve known how the controllers get dirty with usage and time, when you’re deep into a gaming session, make sure that you wash your hands before you pick up the console. Now that we’re considering hygiene all the time, it is wiser to reduce the spread of the germs from one console to another, by using bleach free, plastic friendly cleaning solution, using a microfibre cloth, a disinfectant spray or gel may also work for the dust-free console experience.

Conclusion –

A little tricks and tips will help you to achieve the standard experience of gaming that is dust free and anti-bacterial. To create a safe and hygienic environment is a better way to improve the whole gaming life and experience. Thus, a few steps towards cleanliness will lead to a healthy life and gaming zone at the comfort of your home. Implementation is thus necessary.

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