The Ultimate Guide to Buying A Great Running Watch

The Ultimate Guide to Buying A Great Running Watch

The benefits of wearing a running watch are numerous.

Besides being able to track your progress and performance, a good running watch also helps you monitor your heart rate and record your key stats directly.

It’s not uncommon for runners to lose their phone or have it run out of battery while they’re out on a long training session. Having a dedicated running watch can come in handy at these times.

More importantly, these watches also come with many fancy features that make tracking easy, offer live performance analysis, and even provide post-run analysis with user-friendly charts and graphs. Let’s take a look at some of the most important factors when buying a running watch is gt runner price and the best models in this segment right now.

What to Look for When Buying a Running Watch

Before you go on a shopping spree and pick up the first running watch you come across, it’s important to understand the key factors you should be looking for. Let’s take a quick look at some of the important factors when buying a running watch. – Functionalities – What do you need out of a running watch? Do you plan to track heart rate? How about auto-calibrating GPS or route navigation? – Fit – This is very important, especially if you’re planning to wear the watch during your long runs.

Make sure the watch you select has a comfortable fit so it doesn’t come loose or cause any irritation. Always go for a model that has a wide range of adjustability. – Design and Display – A good running watch must look good as well as be functional. A sleek and elegant design is preferred by most runners, but this also depends on your personal style. – Performance – This is something you must always look at when buying any technology-oriented product.

Does the watch have a long-lasting battery life? Does it respond quickly to button presses? Is the data recovery time quick? How responsive is the watch when connected to your smartphone?

GPS Accuracy and Tracking

The most important thing to look out for is the ability of the running watch to track your route accurately. All good running watches come with built-in GPS and GLONASS support. Some watches also come with a barometric altimeter and a compass. If a watch doesn’t have any of these features, then you must avoid it like the plague.

Always check if the running watch you have selected supports both GPS and GLONASS. This is important as it helps in improving the accuracy of the data. Some watches also come with an in-built method of correcting the minor inaccuracies. You should also check if the watch you have selected supports live tracking.

This allows your family and friends to keep track of your location at all times and gives them a sense of security knowing that you have gone on a long run and might take longer to reach home.

Strap/band comfort and sweat-proof design

The strap of the watch is something you must always look out for. If the watch you have selected doesn’t come with a replaceable strap, then you’re better off looking at other options.

Running watches are usually worn on the upper-end of the arm, so a strap that is made of silicon is the best option. Also, make sure the watch you have selected has a sweat-proof design.

This is important because you don’t want sweat to seep into the watch and damage its delicate mechanisms. Some watches also come with an in-built mechanism of wicking away excess sweat. This is helpful as it prevents you from feeling uncomfortable wearing the watch and also prevents your skin from getting irritated.

Multi-day battery life

Like we mentioned above, a long-lasting battery is important for any tech-enabled product. This is even more important for running watches because you don’t want to recharge the watch every single day.

Nowadays, most running watches come with a lithium-ion battery and have a long-lasting battery life. The average battery life for a running watch is around 8 to 10 hours. You can always look for a watch that has a provision of having a longer battery life. One of the best ways to save battery is by turning on the GPS only when you need it.

When you are walking or at rest, most watches turn off the GPS. This increases battery life by a huge margin. It’s however important that you understand how the GPS works in the watch you have selected before you turn it on.

Real-time Run Data Tracking and Performance Monitoring

Some running watches provide real-time data tracking and performance monitoring. This is one of the best features any running watch can offer. It allows you to track key stats like your route, pace, heart rate, distance, speed, and calories burned.

This makes it easy for you to track your progress and keep yourself motivated. Most good running watches have a provision for pairing with a smartphone app that provides detailed analysis of your progress. This helps you keep a track of your progress and pick up areas where you need to improve.

It also allows you to share your progress on social media so your friends and family can be inspired as well! Apart from real-time data tracking, some running watches also come with a built-in fitness coach. This provides you with tips on how to improve your performance and get the best out of yourself.

Additional Features – Step Counter, Cadence and Floors Climbed Tracking, etc.

Now, let’s have a look at some additional features that some running watches provide. First up, we have step counting functionality. Some watches come with a step recognition functionality.

This helps you keep a track of how many steps you have taken in a day. This is a great way to stay fit and active throughout the day. It also helps people who are recovering from an injury and shouldn’t put too much pressure on their body.

Another important feature that some running watches come with is the cadence tracking functionality. This helps you in keeping an eye on your running technique. It also provides an overview of your running form and lets you know if you are over-striding or under-striding. A few running watches also come with an in-built functionality of tracking floors climbed.

Final Words

The best running watches come with many fancy features, but the most important thing to look out for is accuracy and reliability also this is main factor to keep in mind that gt runner price is also the cheapest and affordable to everyone.

A running watch is supposed to help you track and improve your performance, not end up being a source of false data. A good running watch is supposed to be long lasting, provide accurate real-time data, and come with a long-lasting battery. It is important to understand the key factors you should be looking for while buying a running watch and only then go ahead with your purchase.

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