How to Choose a Reliable Company like Bullionvault and Avoid Scams

Bullionvault and Avoid Scams

Gold is more stable and less volatile than other investments, so the risk of losing money is much lower.

That makes it a popular investment option and a great way to diversify your income. That’s why many investors decide to use a portion of their funds for gold IRAs.

These accounts are an excellent way to save for retirement while minimizing risk. As explained on this link, they are self-directed and not-related to any other retirement account you might have. But gold IRAs are also an excellent method for scammers to take advantage of your gullibility.

Financial fraud is a common occurrence nowadays. This bad practice is frequent with savings and retirement accounts like precious metal IRAs. Scammers have developed many unethical strategies to make your hard-earned money disappear in just a few seconds. That’s why you need to be very careful when deciding to invest and increase your savings, especially when you think of investing in the yellow metal.

Do Your Research

Many gold IRA companies are waiting for you to invest in their products. But not all of them are angel investors. You must thoroughly research each company before deciding which one to work with. Comparing different firms is time-consuming, but if you don’t do that, you will most likely end up with one or two scams.

Verification of business legitimacy is another factor to check when selecting a gold IRA company. The chosen company must be regulated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), with at least a B+ rating. But you should always strive for businesses with a solid A+ rating.

Don’t Trust Big Promises

So, first of all, ensure you’re dealing with a reputable IRA company and be realistic with your expectations. It’s always better to be cautious than to lose your hard-earned money. If you know about the benefits of owning gold, you know it’s not likely to bring you fast profit. So don’t fall for that,

Also, be wary of a glib salesperson who tells you that the price of gold will skyrocket or that a ‘gold bubble’ is about to burst. These are methods that scammers use to persuade you to buy or sell this precious metal at an inconvenient moment. Keep them in mind as a red flag.

Buy from Reputable Sources

You set up your gold IRA and can start trading as soon as you fund this account. And to do that, you need a reputable source to buy precious metals. As you might know, you can buy these assets in many ways, both online and offline. In both cases, always choose trusted sellers with a proven track record.

It’s vital to check online sources like, reviews, and credentials of particular IRA companies and dealers they work with. Accredited sellers are less likely to engage in scams and value their brand name. Also, by trading with them, you can diversify your portfolio and avoid issues like hidden fees. And, of course, they’ll be more willing to offer you higher sale prices and buyback options, which is a bonus.

Some sellers will claim to be endorsed by a reputable organization, and that’s information you can check quickly. IRA companies usually cooperate with trustworthy dealers and refer clients to these sellers. But you’re free to do your own research and find precious metal dealers on your own. Just keep in mind the things you should look for.

Avoid Pushy Salespeople

You should never be approached by pushy sales agents while opening a gold IRA. They will try to entice you with offers that are too good to be true. Others will try to convince you to invest in collectibles that aren’t IRS-approved. Also, beware of unsolicited letters, phone calls, and emails.

In short, anyone pressuring you into buying or selling within your IRA is probably a scammer. As it’s a self-directed account, you should be the only one deciding on its transactions. Brokers could have an advisory role, but you have the final word.

Have Physical Access to Gold

There are many scams targeting gold IRA investors who don’t have physical access to their assets. You should be able to physically see the gold you buy or at least some proof of its existence.

You can spot fraudulent activity if the company can’t provide you with these. It means they probably don’t have precious metals on stock and that they won’t be in your IRA after the purchase.

You can avoid this scam by working with registered brokers and dealers accredited by professional organizations. You should also do some research before signing anything. There’s a chance that you might not see your gold in person. Still, your custodian should provide proof of its safe storage in a certified depository.

If you do buy physical gold, you should be aware that there are specific rules regarding its storage. For example, you can’t keep it at home or outside certified and IRS-approved depositories. Also, you can’t buy precious metals with IRA funds without an IRS-approved administrator. They are responsible for facilitating transactions between you, sellers, and custodians. They will also make arrangements for your assets’ shipping and insurance.

IRA-Allowed Products

When buying gold for your IRA, you should be particularly careful. Not every form of physical gold is allowed within this account. Instead, the IRS has a specific set of rules about assets that can be in your portfolio.

Gold within your IRA should have high purity and caratage, like bullion, bars, and specific coins. IRS has listed allowed products on their website, making this information easy to check. You should never invest in numismatics and jewelry within your IRA, as they have little to do with the price of bullion.

While a self-directed IRA is your responsibility, you are more likely to be a victim of this scam. And that can be pretty stressful and have huge consequences for you. Luckily, these tips will help you avoid gold IRA scams and find a reputable company that offers quality products.

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