Really Common Mistakes Gamers Make When Playing Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is nowadays enjoying increased popularity, with more gamers picking up because of the extra content that was added last year. We are talking about an MMORPG game that is quite large. This means that it is normal to make mistakes. However, some mistakes are much more common than others.

Really Common Mistakes Gamers Make When Playing Destiny 2

It does not matter if you play PVE or PVP in Destiny 2. A lot of fun can be a reality but you might also end up making errors without knowing that this happens. That is what we will focus on.

Below you can find some of the really common mistakes way too many gamers make as they play Destiny 2.

Using Only One Weapon Type

Nowadays, it is easy to buy some Destiny carries that are full level and that have all the great, top equipment. However, this means that you might end up in the situation mentioned here. Many players have characters with a high elemental affinity. When it is time to raid, they only have a weapon of that particular affinity.

The problem with this is that there are bosses that also have a high elemental affinity. The same goes when you fight against other players. When you fight them, you do reduced damage. This can easily make the entire experience a nightmare. Always have a back-up, just in case.

Not Having Extra Armor

Destiny 2 does not have a durability mechanic. Due to this, many players just have one armor set and it is the only one they bring with them. This is a mistake since you can easily use different armors to change stats so that the environment where you fight is a better fit. For instance, if you want a really high Defense, you can have an armor that is fully catered to offer this stat.

Lack Of Combination Figuring Out

Most Destiny 2 players think that they are just looking at a shooting game. Technically, this is correct. However, damage can easily be maximized, if you know how to do that. For instance, when you use the Titan-build on a character that is a Warlock, you will fail since the Warlock uses other base stats, something different than what the Titan has.

Selling Exotic Engrams

The last really common mistake that should be mentioned is one that usually happens as an error. Many think that it is impossible to happen to them until it happens. When you sell the exotic weapon and you receive a common weapon, you just lot a whole lot of DPS. Whenever it comes to exotic weapons, you have to be particularly attentive.

To sum up, the Destiny 2 mistakes above are so common that you most likely made at least one of them until now. We just hope you did not sell your exotic weapons by mistake. The other mistakes can easily be fixed.

Learn all that you can from the top players and you will quickly realize that Destiny 2 is so much more complex than what you initially thought.

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