Everything You Have Ever Wanted to Know About the GOLO Diet

Are you looking for an effective way to lose weight and maintain it at a healthy range? Many diets on the market promise weight loss, but not all of them work. Losing weight requires an approach that targets the insulin hormone in the body.

Insulin is the primary fat storage hormone that signals fat cells to store glucose as fat instead of the fat being broken down. The GOLO diet is a popular weight loss program that works through insulin management. Below are details about this diet:

Everything You Have Ever Wanted to Know About the GOLO Diet

1) What Is the GOLO Diet?

The GOLO diet is a weight loss program by the GOLO Company. A team of pharmacists and doctors created this diet plan. It aims to manage and stabilize the blood sugar and insulin levels in one’s body. The GOLO diet is a combination of a food plan, HIIT exercises, and a nutritional supplement that aid in weight loss.

There are three weight loss plans for this diet from which interested dieters can choose. They are the 30 days, 60 days, and the 90 days weight loss supplements. These diet plans also help repair metabolism and restore hormonal balance. Before investing in this diet plan, you should get more insight by looking at various credible GOLO diet reviews.

2) The GOLO Diet Food Plan

This diet plan works through calorie restriction and portion control. Dieters are advised to consume between 1300 to 1800 calories a day. On this diet, one should eat three meals a day. However, it does not specify what foods to eat.

3) The GOLO Release Supplement

According to the nutritional label on this product, this weight loss supplement comprises of three main ingredients. They are Magnesium, Zinc, and chromium that aid in the regulation of blood sugar and insulin. The manufacturer’s source these ingredients from banana leaf and gardenia fruit. The banana leaf extract contains an anti-diabetic element that facilitates blood control.

This supplement can reduce hunger and food craving through the excerpt from the gardenia fruit. The prescription for this nutritional supplement GOLO Release pills is one for each meal. This supplement is set the GOLO diet apart since it enables fat loss and insulin stabilization

4) The HIT Exercise Plan

This diet also includes high-intensity exercise as an additional weight loss strategy. Exercising helps to burn fat faster and improves metabolism in the body. GOLO dieters are advised to exercises for fifteen minutes per day or 105 minutes per week.

5) Advantages of the GOLO Diet

This weight loss program is valid since it provides a meal plan guide that helps to restrict the calories one consumes. This portion control reduces the chance of gaining weight since your daily intake is the same as the calories your body naturally burns in a day. This diet keeps the insulin level in check.

6) Does GOLO Diet Work?

There is no way this diet will not work since it targets all weight loss techniques. The calorie restriction, meal plan, nutritional supplements, and regular exercises make the GOLO diet highly effective.

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