Tips to help you lose fat faster

The human body loses weight faster than it shed pounds of fat. We need to look for a very stable diet those targets on the body fat as the results will be long-lasting. One should go for a “low Carb diet” or “Ketogenic Diet” for such concern.

Tips to help you lose fat faster

What is Ketogenic or Low Carb diet?

This diet is very famous among celebrities and popular individuals as it keeps them in shape. This diet as it names state its low on carbs. Its main focus is the low consumptions of carbs and more consumption of protein and good fats. Low carbs in this diet refer to the intake of carbohydrates below 50g per day.

In ketogenic diet you are allowed to eat the following food items in your pantry:

  1. Seafood
  2. Low carb vegetables
  3. Cheese
  4. Avocado
  5. Meat and Poultry
  6. Egg
  7. Coconut oil
  8. Greek yogurt
  9. Nuts
  10. Olive oil

How to improve your physical and mental health?

This diet has been proven to help you improve mental and physical health by different means. It will control your blood sugar as improves the constant flow of ketones to the brain. One starts to feel more active and concentrated.

People have been assuming all the time that brain cannot work without the intake of carbs but that isn’t true. When ketones are present, carbs will be replaced with ketones and it will function better than before. Hence you will be more focused toward your daily life goals and activities.  

So how does it improve your physical appearance? As you will be taken in the only good fats and protein you will start to use up the stored body fat. Your metabolism will be high enough to break down the stored fat of your body. Whereas you will be only taking good fats in your diet it won’t be stored hence it will be used to improve the digestion and another system of the body.

Precautions and suggestion:

You should consult your dietitian or doctor before starting this diet. Even though it’s safe but some health conditions don’t support going on strict diets. You should avoid if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. People who have diabetes and blood pressure issues should completely avoid this. Those you are suffering from heart disease should also pay attention to doctor’s detail before following any diet.

Other suggestions for diet plans:

You can also go for other dieting methods such as GM diet, Crash diet, Atkins diet, vegetarian diet etc. It depends what is your focus to deduct from your body. Every diet has a specific focused target to work on. Most of the diet plans are suggested by the dietitians also. If you are not facing any acute body issues you can even scroll on the internet and search for a suitable diet plan.

Some key tips for following a diet plan:

  • Stay focused
  • Keep yourself motivated to follow routine
  • Don’t keep a meal
  • Stay Hydrated


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