How To Instagram Verified Badge Copy and Paste?

How To Instagram Verified Badge Copy and Paste?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites that have been used by millions of people each day. From influencers to celebrities all are using this popular social media application for entertainment purposes. Have you ever seen a blue tick in the profiles of some influencers or celebrities?

This is the verified badge that appears next to the Instagram name and profile and comes in search. This blue badge indicates that the account of the public figure is verified and authenticated. There are many people out there who want to add verified badge in their Instagram profile.

There are several reasons for this. Either they want to show their profile to be unique in front of their friends or they want to earn credit as digital credentials have the greatest meaning when their source is known and verified. If you are the one who is urging to have a verified badge on your Instagram then you are at right place.

In this article, we are going brief various ways through which you can copy and paste Instagram badge on your Instagram account. When someone sees the Instagram badge on your profile then they simply think that your account has been authenticated and belongs to the person under it.

This badge has been only given to few people and brands on Instagram. So, let us start our guide through which you will get an idea about how you can attach verified badge with your Insta account.

Let us first start with the introduction of Instagram badge.

What is verified Instagram badge?

The verified badge on Instagram is the blue badge that is placed in the right corner of your profile name in your Instagram account. This is shaped as a blue tick and is similar to all types of verification badges that is placed in various social media platforms such as Twitter and YouTube as well.

The purpose behind this verified badge that is placed in your Instagram or any social account is to show that it is official account. This means the authenticated account belongs to a particular person or a brand.

In order to avoid mix-ups and imposters, this famous social platform quickly introduced that verification badge to indicate a verified account. With the verified badge added on someone Instagram profile, people can easily distinguish the real people account and impersonated accounts.

In short, this blue tick over your profile ensures the authenticity of public figure, celebrity or brand account that is created on Instagram. Now, the big question arises is that how you can verify your Instagram account or get a blue tick on your profile?

How to get copy and paste blue tick on your Instagram profile?

When this badge came into existence, then Instagram officially didn’t provide any guidelines to follow to get verified. There are few things that verified account on Instagram needs to take care of. Let’s dig deep into those things, after that we will let you the strategy to copy paste your verified badge on your Instagram profile.

Having Impersonated Insta accounts

The accounts of various celebrities and influencers are verified because there are many chances of them to have an impersonated account. The Instagram community makes sure that each and every person can easily identify the authenticated and real account of the person they want to follow. Therefore, they have introduced a badge so that people will easily find the real account of any brand or celebrity.

Being Popular

Instagram do not provide any follow limit to the people. Many impersonated accounts have more followers than real account. This happens because people tend to confuse between the real and impersonated account. With the help of Instagram badge people get an idea between the real and fake account and start to follow the right one.

These are some reasons why Instagram has introduced verification badge for the Instagram accounts. Now, let us tell you how you can add blue badge in your profile.

Method 1:

With the help of HTML/ CSS Website Inspector application, you can simply copy the blue badge of Instagram. This amazing website source code editor, allows you to have a deep insight of source code so that you can modify it.

To copy Instagram badge with the help of this application, you need to download this app and sign in your Instagram account. After that, search any verified profile in the search bar of the Instagram platform. Once the verified account gets opened, click on the blue arrow on Instagram.

After that, you can copy the source code with the help of this app. After copying, paste the source code on your Instagram profile page. And at last, you will get the verified tick with the help of this app.

This copy and paste method will be useful for people who want to add Instagram badge on their profiles.

Method 2:

In order to copy and paste the badge icon on your Instagram page, you need to use the websites like Flaticon that offers various symbols and icons. You can copy the blue verified Instagram badge from this website and paste it right next to your username. In this way, your profile will get Instagram badge and people tend to follow you.

These are two copy and paste methods that will help you to get verified Instagram badge on your Instagram profile. You can easily follow these methods to get a verified badge on your Instagram account.

If you do not want to copy and paste then you can also request Instagram to provide you a verified badge for your profile. The main thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to be a public figure or a brand and meet certain eligibility requirements. To request Instagram for verification badge, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to your profile and tap on three bars on the right side of your account.
  • Tap on the settings option and click on “Request verification”.
  • Enter your details and fill the required form of identification.

When you submit this required information, then your account may tend to get the verified badge. This is the verification process and sometimes your account does not get any badge. Therefore, you do not need to worry. You can easily add this badge by copy and paste method mentioned above.


Instagram is one of the popular social platform having various public figures, common people as well as brand pages. To take people away from impersonated accounts, this amazing application has introduced verification badge or blue tick. This blue tick helps people to identify the official accounts of public figures like celebrities and influencers.

They may tend to follow the right account, instead of being confused with various same named accounts. If you are a public figure or a brand and want to add Instagram verification badge on your profile, then you are at right place. We have mentioned various methods that you can follow to get Instagram verified badge.

Either you can copy and paste this blue tick on your Instagram profile, or you can simply request Instagram to provide you with this badge. To send Instagram request you need to follow some steps mentioned in this article. We hope you will make the right choice to add Instagram verification badge.

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