5 Instagram marketing tips blogger needs to know

One of the most powerful marketing tools of marketing which all bloggers must use is social media. As a blogger, you can use Facebook posts, twitter, Pinterest to share your product and services on the social media platforms. This is the most efficient way to create brand awareness, improve engagement and increase sales and leads. Many people do not give priority to Instagram; if you are new to this blogging world let me inform you that this is one of the most powerful social media sites.

Even many big business giants are using this platform to promote their organization. So in no case, you can avoid Instagram, if you can accumulate at least 1000 likes on Instagram, then you can be sure that your blog will get many visitors through this brilliant source. If you struggle to get likes than you can browse the website of popery, you will see they are selling Instagram likes at a very cheap rate.

Here are the 5 best ways to use Instagram to promote your blog

5 Instagram marketing tips blogger needs to know

Make a good pitch of your blog

You have to create the most attractive pitch for your blog which will make the first impression of your followers to be good. Then you should include this to your Instagram bio along with your name and location attached. According to the study when a visitor sees your picture and bio in your Instagram profile then it takes hardly one sec to form an impression in his/her mind. So you get a like instantly. You can buy real Instagram followers from Upleap

Now, what should you write in your Instagram bio, always remember a good Instagram bio will consist of your business details like what is your business and what is the targeted market of your blog. Even if you have some special skills which influence your business then you need to include those details also. When you are writing your bio you have to make sure that you have to sell your service, hence you have to make a sales pitch there.  

Include some effective keywords

You should not forget the concept of keywords when you are writing posts. Keywords play an important role in optimizing your blog into the search engine. You must give keywords that are related to your niche like if you have a blog related to fashion you must use keywords such as style blogger or fashionista incorporated into your bio.

Without keywords in the Instagram posts, it is of no use as it will not increase your search ability. You have to do the bios link as per the sales strategy. For instance, if you are giving a keyword like latest trend then insert the link of that page where you have uploaded the picture and description of the dress so that the visitor can directly visit that page. In this way, you can increase your visitors in large numbers. 

You have to use hashtags correctly

We all know the importance of hashtags and it is no less than keywords. It may be a little symbol before a large word or a phrase but this will make your insta post expose to users. You can use 30 hashtags per post but it is recommended that you use only up to 10 hashtags. As the maximum number of hashtags which makes engagement change every year.

The main thing which we want to convey is you cannot just use all hashtags for the sake of doing it rather you must use those hashtags which people usually type while searching something of your niche. The right number of hashtags and if your choice of hashtags is ideal then it can make your brand popular on Instagram within a few days. Whenever you are hash tagging try to focus on your niche, always give niche-specific tags. 

Try to use best Instagram features

Instagram stories will let you upload a video of about 15 seconds which will disappear after 24 hours. You should use this feature; you just have to make an impressive video of your products or the things which you include in your blog. Most of the people like to see videos rather than reading content. You have to include tag location and the hashtags stickers to increase the engagement. You can link the specific page of your blog which you are promoting by the video, in this way people can directly land on that page.

You must interact with other community

Instagram is like a community and it gives preferences to that account which interacts with other community. By that I mean you must like, comment on others’ accounts to increase your client base. When you are engaging with other profiles than the profile also likes your posts which mean you will get more likes and engagement

These are the few tricks that you may use to get the best result from this social media platform, named Instagram.

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