How to Find the Best Agent for Home Sellers in Norman

How to Find the Best Agent for Home Sellers in Norman

There is this jittery feeling that comes with buying your first house and almost every home owner can relate to that feeling.

Well, if you previously felt this way upon purchase, get ready to feel it again as you prepare to sell your home. This is especially so if you live in a place like Norman with its quite competitive housing market. You may find yourself burden with the need to sell quickly and also as close to your list price as possible.

Interestingly, you can get all the pressure and anxiety off your shoulders if you hire an experienced Norman sellers’ agent to handle the sale for you.

Doing this, you will transfer the responsibility for showings, marketing and negotiations to the agent who will then ensure that you get maximum returns on your investment. Basically, the agent, who can also be called a realtor, finds you the most qualified buyer while you go about your normal daily routine.

Now, you might probably be wondering how to find the best realtor in Norman. The following tips will help the process easier and more productive.

Tips for Finding the Best Agents for Sellers in Norman

Tips for Finding the Best Agents for Sellers in Norman

Below are some tips to guide you on how to find the best sellers’ agent in Norman:

Look for Referrals

The first thing to do is to look for referrals. However, you need to be careful when accepting names sent to you as not everyone who refers someone to you has actually used the agent to sell a home. You need to inquire if the referrer has actually worked directly with the realtor. The answer to this will help you decide whether to work with the referral or to discard the arrangement.

Interview More than Two Agents

Having a good understanding of how the real estate business works will help you in taking a decision on whom to work with. You need to understand that having a license does not make one a real estate guru.

This should be your compass when seeking for a realtor to work with as you don’t necessarily have to work with the first candidate you speak with. Interview at least three candidates to understand their knowledge of real estate business, evaluating their expertise in relation to your needs.

Evaluate their Productivity

Some agents have not closed a deal in a long while and you certainly do not want to work with such. On the other hand, some have to their credit, many years of experience and good testimonies from clients. This kind will more likely be a good fit for you. A guide to help you do this when you visit the portal of an agent is to check for the number of currently sold listings.

Additionally, it will be ideal to research the individual’s credentials to ascertain that they are duly licensed to practice in your town.

Ask Cogent Questions

When interviewing potential realtors to work with, it is expedient to have your questions ready as you may be caught up in the web of a conversation that you will forget to ask salient questions that should determine your choice of an agent.

To overcome this simple but important hurdle, you may want to draft your questions before hand and stick to asking them while meeting with the agent.

We will quickly look at some questions you should ask any realtor you are considering. Before then, you can check for more tips on choosing your realtor or listing agent here.

Now, for every candidate you meet with, you need to ask the following questions:

What are the comparative lists in your neighborhood? An agent who feels they are qualified to sell your home should have a list and know the comparable homes that have been sold or currently listed in your neighborhood. Any agent who doesn’t know this is probably inexperienced or not qualified to sell your home.

A detailed comparative list will have information on homes sold in the last six to twelve months that share similarities with yours either in size or amenities, and even both.

What are the marketing plans for your home? A good realtor should have a blueprint or laid down plan on how to promote your home to attract the right buyers. Ask for previously used marketing materials and the response gotten from such. You need to know that they intend to use the right marketing mix to get your listing on top of the chart.

What are your rates? Do not make the mistake of engaging an agent without reaching a conclusion on their commission rate. The acceptable real estate commission is 6%. However, some agents might negotiate their percentage based on their perceived evaluation of the client’s understanding of the real estate business. Do not fall for this, ensure that you read through the terms and conditions of the contract and if it is not suitable, do not hesitate to withdraw.

Just in case you are still wondering if you really need a realtor to sell your home, you can check out some reasons why this is in your best interest here:


Now, that you have a good knowledge of what you need to do to find a good realtor in Norman and indeed anywhere else, go ahead and explore your options with what you’ve learned.

Also, ensure that you keep an open line of communication between you and your realtor so you can stay informed of any progress that is made.

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