Understanding the Benefits of Insulating your Home

Understanding the Benefits of Insulating your Home

Wishing your home didn’t feel so hot this summer? Hoping to cut down on your energy costs? Wanting to make your home more environmentally friendly? These are just some of the things home insulation can help with.

Why is insulating your home important?

The purpose of home insulation is to reduce heat loss from your home on cold days and slow down heat gain when it’s hot outside. It is an environmentally friendly way to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home and can help cut your energy bills by up to 50%.

Do you know how much heat is being lost or gained through the different parts of your home? The external walls lose as much as 25% and the ceiling up to 35%. Even your floors contribute up to 20%. Home Insulation can be installed everywhere in your home to drastically reduce these percentages.

Home Insulation products can also have many other beneficial properties, such as sound-proofing properties to help make a peaceful and private indoor space; non-flammable properties to help reduce the spread of fire; and low-allergen properties to keep your family healthier.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of insulation?

There are so many advantages to insulation; there is really no excuse not to have it installed. Apart from the thermal and energy savings already mentioned above, here are some of the benefits Home Insulation can offer you:

  • A greener home – Less power consumption is not just good for your wallet, it is also better for the environment. There are many brands who manufacture insulation products that are kinder to the environment such as Knauf Earthwool which is made from renewable bio-based materials instead of petroleum-based chemicals.
  • Soundproofing properties – All insulation will make a difference to the acoustics in a home, but sound insulation is specially designed to have soundproofing qualities. Installing insulation in between the floors of a multi-storey house, in the internal and external walls, and in your floor can help create a quiet, peaceful indoor environment.
  • Long-term investment – Once insulation is installed in a house, it is designed to last between 50 to 70 years with no maintenance required. It only takes three to five years for you to see savings. So even if it may seem like a significant financial investment at the outset, you will reap the benefits for decades to come.
  • Increased home value – A home with quality installation installed could increase in value. If you are building or renovating, it would be unwise to not insulate your home properly.

The disadvantages of home insulation usually only arise from poor installation or sub-quality materials. Some types of insulation material can be itchy to touch and the installation process can sometimes be dusty or pose health risks.

To avoid the disadvantages, and embrace all the benefits of insulation in your home, why not check out the wide range of high quality home insulation products  we offer at Pricewise Insulation? We supply insulation products for every area of the home from some of the leading brands in Australia. 

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