How to buy ios app installs and promote your app?

How to measure your customer’s satisfaction

An algorithm is changed regularly. But installs still remain important for the promotion of your application.

The best option is to reach them from potential consumers. But it is impossible to get them in the right amount at once, so buying iOS app installs is the best option for promotion.

Keyword promotion – is a process of installing your app by the required keyword (by which a user finds your app). You have two options for app promotion with keyword installs.

You can order them from bots or real people. Individuals may perform more customized actions, guaranteeing retention that we mentioned above.

But if you need a reliable source of traffic, bots do it better. You set a task and can be sure that it’ll be done the right way. People can make mistakes. They forget to change the region and so on. Choose the best option based on your individual needs. Before you buy iOS app installs, you should make a keyword cloud and run app search optimization. 

To understand which keywords you need, analyze the product that you have created. Having answered these questions, you’ll get the core. The core is the bunch of most meaningful words that describe your app. It could be cook, dating, building, etc. Then, create word combinations with these words to extend your keyword cloud.

You can use noun+noun, noun+adjective, noun+verb, noun+adverb phrases like perfect cook, fast dating, cheep building. The more precise the keyword is, the easier it is to promote. Try to create a large keyword cloud to have something to choose from. Popular niche at Google Play may require from 400 to 600 keywords for application. And they will be useful for buying iOS app installs.

Get google play store search keywords from your competitors. Find similar apps in your niche, which have lots of traffic. They should have the same mechanics and theme as your app. Applications with a high mobile keyword ranking have relevant keywords in their title and text.

Read through it and choose keywords that can be appropriate for you. Besides, pay attention to your competitors’ reviews. If they have the same features as your product, your target audience will be using the same keywords.

You can pick up app store keywords from your reviews. Also, you should look through comments that your users left. It’s your target audience, so you should be aware of the words which they use to describe your app. So, you can pick up some keywords google play from your app’s comments. The more keywords there are, the better because without them you won’t be able to buy iOS app installs.

You should also optimize the main parts of your application. App store optimization or ASO is a thing in your app marketing. ASO is a process of your app optimization: work on your title, keywords, descriptions to maximize the visibility of your application in the market.

It helps you to ensure the diversity of the range and auditing audiences. You can make ASO yourself, but you will need our advice. Getting a higher rank in the app store increases your apps’ user base. It can boost your downloads and income generated from your app.

The primary goal of App Store Optimization is to increase downloads and the number of loyal users. The first step of maximizing your downloads is to make your app easily discoverable by the right users. Don’t buy iOS app installs until you run the optimization.

Once you’ve collected your keywords and run optimization, you can buy iOS app installs. How much does a user of android pays per install? This question was asked by everyone who started their advertising campaign. It all depends on what you will do: a test or a reliable increase.

We recommend starting with a test. This way you will know the required number of installs for each word. The user of android pays per install  $ 20. To do this, you choose a non-competitive or low-complexity word for promotion.

If you don’t have the time or money to test with -50% for the first campaign, you can buy iOS app installs at the same discount. To raise two keywords in the first place you will need 300 installs. The user of android pays per install $ 120. But the first campaign has a 50 percent discount, it will pay $ 60. Choose the most relevant keywords with a score of 5-6.

 The buy iOS app installs is the right way to promote your application. But you can’t start an advertising campaign right away, because it won’t make sense. Be smart.

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