Top 5 Best Plus Size Birthday Outfit Ideas 2020

Top 5 Best Plus Size Birthday Outfit Ideas 2020

Birthday is just one day where you will enjoy to fullest and spend your time slaying at parties. Therefore, it is very important for you to look great in this day and it cannot be possible with your regular outfit. Since you cannot start this important day with those old slinky clothes, so you need a look from which you will have to start the next year of your life. The little black dress obviously adds a glimpse at your birthday party, but you can also try another pair of dresses to look super stylish at your birthday! The other pair of dresses can also be useful for other party occasions.

Therefore, we have bought you some super stylish birthday looks that you can opt for your birthday and glam your look. These clothe styles mentioned in this article would let you express yourself as well as add a blend in your personality. With these pair of plus size party dresses, you can make a huge impact on the people around there and they will also make you feel special. So, let’s get started with the series of birthday looks that you can add in your birthday outfit list.

Various styles for Birthday Outfit

Most of the people think that fashion is all about slim skinny people, but the truth is the curvy ones are also entering the market. Whether you are a brand liking woman or want to dress up casually, you need to add a style statement in your plus size dresses. With the number of fashion choices, the plus-size community has come on a long way.

Those days have gone, when you need to search for your favorite plus size outfits and spend time thinking about how they look on your body. You should thank those beauty and fashion influencers who trend on social media with their plus size outfits that have changed the image of diversity. We have also listed some high famous trends that plus size women are following while choosing the right fit for them. So, let’s begin with these trending pairs:

1. Go glam with a cold shoulder dress/top

1. Go glam with a cold shoulder dress/top

If you are a plus-size teenager or a woman then you should try cold shoulder dresses for your birthday party. The cold shoulder knee-length dresses made of chiffon fabrics will serve to be a great style statement for your birthday. It is not necessary that you have to celebrate your birthday party in a club or bar but it may also happen you have a mood to visit any art gallery on your birthday. For these places, the cold shoulder dress will add glam to your personality. You can style it with various accessories like a chain necklace and a bracelet.

But, if you wish to celebrate your birthday in a bar or a club, then also, these dresses or tops will add an elegance factor in your style statement. Add some sequins or a shiny purse with it to look great in your birthday party. These dresses will also look glam at your tea or coffee date!

2. Glam up with fishtail dress

2. Glam up with fishtail dress

Do you want to flaunt your personality with a chic shiny dress at your birthday?

Then a fishy dress with sequins will perfectly suit you. It is your birthday and you need to party hard like a rock star. So, let your hair down and dance with the music with this polyester shining dress.

These statements will look like a romper mixed with shining sequins. You will definitely roll people eyes on you when you wear this beautiful dress on your birthday.

If you wish to do a night house party on your birthday, then also this dress makes you a glam lady. The dilemma of what to wear will end with this full-body covered plus size dress.

You can either go with sleeveless fishy style or just wear this half sleeve fishy dress, these both dresses will give you a vibrant and confident look on your birthday. After all, it’s your birthday then go and party hard with this chic, bold flirty romper.

3. Off shoulders are never out of style

3. Off shoulders are never out of style

Whether it is your birthday or any other party, you tend to look pretty. So, off-shoulder tops and dresses are the ones that never get old or out of style.

These pretty dresses will make you look elegant and classy. With the empire waistline and knee-length, these dresses will add a glam look at your party or other occasions.

Flare your personality with a black solid off-shoulder dress paired with high heels. This will make you look ultra-chic and give a perfect look at your birthday.

Slay with this beautifully crafted party dress on the dance floor and make your birthday the best as ever. You can also add a sequin clutch with it to make your look stylish and elegant. So, what are you waiting for? Hit the dance floor with this beautifully designed party dress.

4. Evening Party gowns are the best choice

4. Evening Party gowns are the best choice

It’s your birthday and you want to rock your party?

Then evening party gown with a belt in waistline will be the best suit for you.

Unleash your birthday glamorous look with this sequence party gown. These types of gowns will add a bold look in your party.

With its short sleeves, long flowing skirt and a subtle back zipper closure, you can feel attractive and elegant at your birthday party.

These types of gowns will come with a crew neck and show-stopping trail that will be considered as a bold statement to your style. You can pair this gorgeous dress with strap heels and red-coloured lips to steal all the party attention.

5. Keep it casual coded

5. Keep it casual coded

If you want to celebrate your birthday with simplicity then a casual party dress will best fit for you. With the low movie nights and a small gathering of your friends, you can enjoy your whole day partying with your loved ones.

We do not mean to settle it in pyjamas but we suggest you wear mid-length casual party dress paired with high heels that will not only make you look elegant but also keep you comfortable.

With this type of comfortable dress, you can chill out and make your birthday more special laughing out with your girl gang. You can also go for a plain sweater with ripped jeans to create a prettier look on your birthday.

Maxi dresses will also make you chilled out throughout your birthday. They will not only provide you with a stylish look but also give you a sense of cosiness. If you wish to go out for dinner with your friends or family, the maxi dress will fill out all possible style that the birthday queen wishes to wear. So, go with these dresses that will make you look more confident and stylish.


With your day to day life, it is very important to boost your confidence while walking in the city. So what you are chubby or curvy? Everyone has the right to wear whatever they want. And when it is your birthday, it is very important that you should look great. This day obviously will embark the start of your New Year journey.

So, why not celebrate it with joy? To give you a queen look on your birthday, we have listed some party styled dresses that you should wear on this special occasion. With these killer outfits, you can easily set a tone for the next 12 months. These dresses will not only make you elegant but also gives comfort to your body so that you can rock the dance floor. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to set a new birthday trend with these outfits.

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