Guide for the Best CBD Dog Treats & Cannabis Edibles for Pets

CBD dog treats make it easier than ever for your pet to enjoy everything cannabidiol has to offer. Not every brand of CBD dog treats, however, delivers the health benefits of cannabidiol equally well. With the help of this guide, choosing and using CBD dog treats for your pet will be one smooth experience if you get them from

Guide for the Best CBD Dog Treats & Cannabis Edibles for Pets

What Exactly Are CBD Dog Treats?

Amounting to almost 40% of the cannabis extract, cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the 113 phytocannabinoids comprising the cannabis plant. Despite its seeming origin, however, CBD is not a psychoactive compound and does not cause addiction. In fact, its inherent anti-psychotic properties make it an antagonist of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the phytocannabinoid that makes cannabis a drug.

Furthermore, CBD undergoes extraction from specially cultivated strains of hemp, that are naturally low in THC. This process helps produce and refine high-purity blends of CBD oil that contain only trace amounts of THC. Such blends of CBD oil then serve as an active ingredient of pet CBD supplement products, including CBD dog treats.

How CBD Dog Treats Work

All mammals, including humans and dogs, have the so-called endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system has the capacity to help other systems in the body regulate myriads of processes. From excitatory and inflammatory responses to pain and mood management, the ECS can influence many processes happening in the body.

Since CBD dog treats contain CBD oil, they can supply your pet’s ECS with cannabidiol. Once CBD oil delivers cannabidiol to your pet’s endocannabinoid system, the ECS becomes more active in ways that benefit health. As a result, your pet can enjoy the following benefits of CBD:

  • Improved immune function: By stimulating the ECS receptors in the immune system, CBD can help normalize the inflammatory response and the histamine release. As such, it can indirectly alleviate the symptoms of various rheumatic conditions and allergies.
  • Natural pain relief: The ECS has a stake in the biochemical reactions that regulate the production of pain sensation. Since CBD nurtures the ECS, it can naturally relieve pain.
  • Reduced anxiety: CBD has valuable anti-anxiety and anti-psychotic properties that can naturally alleviate various forms of anxiety and prevent seizures.
  • Healthy appetite: Thanks to its natural antiemetic properties, CBD can serve as a relief from nausea, vomiting, and poor appetite.
  • Less oxidative stress: Its natural anti-oxidative effects allow CBD to reduce oxidative stress on cells and tissues.
  • Better overall health: The ECS supports homeostasis in the body and supplying it with CBD can improve overall well-being.

Unique Benefits of CBD Dog Treats

Besides helping your pet enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol, CBD dog treats have their own merits:

  • Hemp oil – Part of many CBD dog treats, hemp oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. On top of many other health benefits they provide, omega-3 fats can help the body produce more endocannabinoids. This means that hemp oil can further nurture the ECS.
  • Ease of use – For CBD oil tinctures to be effective, you have to administer them under your pet’s tongue. Many dogs are not comfortable with this procedure. As tasty chews and biscuits with various flavors, CBD dog treats are easy to give to your dog.
  • Safer dosing option – CBD dog treats usually contain less CBD than other types of CBD pet supplements. This makes them ideal for dogs who don’t need higher dosages of CBD or who are new to it.
  • More variety – Using tinctures to give CBD oil to your dog can bring stress to your pet and boredom to you. With CBD dog treats, you can relax as your pet enjoys his or her favorite flavor of biscuits and chews.

How to Pick a Quality CBD Dog Treats Product

For CBD dog treats to deliver the above benefits to your pet, they must be a high-quality product. As the FDA has recently discovered, though, not all CBD pet supplement manufacturers are honest about their products or practices, unlike cbdclinicals. Since the market of CBD pet supplements lacks regulation at the moment, you may run into bogus products.

To ensure that the CBD dog treats product you’re about to buy is of high quality, check that it has:

  • Undergone testing: Look for tests and certifications, especially by independent labs and institutions, that confirm the product’s quality. The more of them you find, the higher is the chance you’re buying a quality CBD dog treats product.
  • Dosage instructions: Lack of dosage instructions is a telltale sign that the manufacturer is uncertain about the product’s actual CBD content.
  • High purity: If a CBD dog treats product uses high-purity blend of CBD oil, it means its manufacturer treats extraction practices seriously.
  • “100% Organic” label: Blends of CBD oil without such label come from manufacturers who don’t adhere to the practices of organic farming. Such CBD products contain pesticides that damage your pet’s health.
  • “All Natural” label: This label suggests that the CBD product doesn’t have any synthetic or artificial ingredients that can undermine your pet’s well-being.
  • No traces of GMO, gluten, or soy: These can be detrimental to your pet’s health and are indicative of the manufacturer not adhering to strict extraction practices.

How to Introduce CBD Dog Treats to Your Pet

Going by the dosage recommendations of the CBD dog treats manufacturer is usually a safe bet. But if your pet is new to CBD, consider the following steps:

  • Start small Begin with the dosage that doesn’t exceed the total of 1 mg of CBD per day.
  • Be patient Increase the dosage by no more than 0.05 mg per kg of your dog’s bodyweight per day every week.
  • Know when to stop Don’t exceed the maximum dosage of 1 mg per kg of your dog’s bodyweight per day.

Observe your pet to see if your little friend welcomes CBD dog treats. And consult a veterinary professional knowledgeable about CBD and Cannabis for pets if you have any further questions regarding CBD dog treats.

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