4 Things to look for in synthetic urine before you make a purchase

A urine drug test can hinder you from getting your dream job. However, you can still pass your drug test since innovation has created a product that ensures you get a clean health record. Synthetic urine or “fake urine” can be found in online or selected stores. However, this product is not as easy to use as you may think.

You need to look for reliable information to make sure that you do not fall into the hands of scammers. Understand the quality of the synthetic urine you are buying to make sure that the urinalysis is successful. Read on to find four things to look for in synthetic urine before you make a purchase.

synthetic urine before you make a purchase

1.Basic Ingredients

When purchasing your synthetic urine, consider its composition so that you can pick the right one. Make sure that you understand the concentration, condition, and ingredients of every substance in the product so that you can make the right decision.

Since there are plenty of synthetic urine in the market, it is crucial to know what composition you need. Choose a product that you understand the ingredients so that you do not panic when the results are out.

2.Check the Temperature

Fake urine changes with temperature. As a result, you need to watch out for brands that you buy and how they change in different temperatures. If you buy cold synthetic urine, it can change when you go to higher temperatures.

If you are not sure about your temperature changes, consider purchasing the warm urine that will not change if your surroundings get warm. You should also look out for the pH and gravity. The values of these two should remain in a certain range to ensure accurate results.


You should consider the importance of the event. Some situations will not give you enough time to be alone. As a result, you need to select a compelling package that will mimic the peeing process without raising suspicion. Look for the best nozzle, size, and the container to make sure you can hold it conveniently.

Even with enough time, you need to consider other factors such as temperature. If the urine is required immediately, make sure you maintain the right temperature. Make sure that you choose elements that will not make anybody suspicious to avoid getting yourself in trouble.

4. Check for Brands

After considering all the necessary factors, check for the best synthetic urine brands. Visit each brand’s website and read their customer reviews. Understand their product and whether they offer what you want. The information you get from previous customers will tell you a lot about the quality of their synthetic urine. Select a reputable brand such as quickfixsynthetic.com.

Since the use of synthetic urine is on the rise, lab tests are becoming more sophisticated. As a result, there is a race between laboratory tests and synthetic urine. Fortunately, several superior synthetic urine brands are there to cater to your needs.


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