4 Tips on Creating Restaurant Outdoor Signs that Reel-in More Customers

While new marketing techniques such as social media marketing and content marketing are all great, traditional advertising methods such as print advertising can still reel-in more customers for a business and increase brand awareness. This is why, entrepreneurs should still invest on quality print ad materials including business signs on the same level that they spend time, money, and effort on other marketing strategies.

If you have a restaurant business, it is particularly important to invest on various compelling visuals. We still judge a restaurant by its print ads, right? Definitely. So, for newbies in the food business, here are some actionable tips on how you can come up with restaurant outdoor signs that reel customers in. You can check out details on rent a LED screen from Wichita.

4 Tips on Creating Restaurant Outdoor Signs that Reel-in More Customers

1. Make them drool with visually-arresting food photography.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been lured by a restaurant ad that shows off its quarter pound tender, juicy, smoking grilled burger patties with lettuce, bacon, tomatoes, and melted cheese on top. It was such a huge burger that you were convinced enough you’d have super filling lunch. To your disappointment though, a small burger you can consume in just three giant bites was served. And to make things worse, it wasn’t as tasty as you imagined with all the drooling and noisy tummy rumbles. That, my friend, is a story of a brokenhearted diner.

But hey, this isn’t about deceptive tactics you can use to bait more customers. That is so WICKED. Chances are, nobody will return to your restaurant that doesn’t give true value for what the customers have paid for. The lesson here is that a visually-arresting food photography in your print ads can make people drool and crave for your specialties that they would set a date on the calendar to give your restaurant a try. So, don’t fail their expectations. What they see on the photo should also be what they get.

So, go ahead and practice your flat lay and macro photography skills. Make those steaks sizzling and mouth-watering. Focus on the details—the sauce, the melted cheese, the juiciness of the patties, or whatever it is that you want to highlight on the food. Hire a professional commercial photographer or food photographer if you aren’t convinced of your own skills.

2. Engage them with some witty slogans and copies that spark brand recognition.

Yes, content has been and will always be king in whatever marketing strategy you’re using. People love wit. Not only does it entertain and impress them, it also challenges them to grasp the full meaning of a message and once they learn what it is, they remember it as well as your brand.

Some years ago, I came across a print ad for a car and the copy reads: “Drinks gas from a sippy straw.” Until now, I can still remember it. Actually, it’s my favorite ad copy so far. I can’t say that I am convinced of its accuracy talking about the car’s ability to minimize gas consumption since it’s a marketing strategy after all. But I love how creative and witty the message was conveyed. Somehow it makes me want to try driving the car.

When you write a slogan or an ad copy, inject some fun, wit, humor or let your target market experience certain kinds of feelings and emotions. Make them drool? Make them crave? Make them nostalgic? Tug at their heartstrings? Why not? Speak to your target market sounding like a friend who truly knows and understands them. Want some recap on copywriting lessons?

3. Choose appetizing colors.

So, you think about using shades of blue just because you love the ocean or it’s simply your favorite color? No, not in your ads please. When it comes to visual psychology, you know too well that colors spark certain emotions in us and make us think of something familiar. If a restaurant uses shades of green as their color palette, what clues come to mind? Wouldn’t you think of salads, mixed greens, healthy meals, vegan, and everything organic? All of those are possible concepts.

Meanwhile, most restaurants typically use yellow, orange, red or brown in their logos and print ads because these colors are appetizing. You would understand then why you should never paint your kitchen with orange if you’re trying to get rid of your excess weight.

To put together your design concepts including the photo, graphics, color palette, slogans, and text styles in a layout, you can always work with a sign printing company that offers customizable signs for your business.

4. Spark interest by placing a freestanding outdoor menu.

Did you ever want to try out a new restaurant, but you hesitated to do so because you weren’t sure what’s in their menu and you doubted that everything’s too expensive? Most of us have been there and done that. But hey, you can avoid discouraging potential customers by being as open as possible about your menu and prices. One way to do that is to place an outdoor menu.

Before you go, here’s a friendly reminder, too: Make sure that all your restaurant outdoor signs are clear and readable even to hurrying passersby. The busiest people wouldn’t want to spend extra time squinting at your signs.

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