Best hotels in Swat valley to stay with your families

Best hotels in Swat valley to stay with your families

Have you ever been to Swat while visiting Pakistan? If not, then you are missing the amazing beauty of Pakistan. Swat valley is also known as the Switzerland of East that delights its tourists with its magnificent beauty.

Bahrain is a small town in Swat valley that serves to be the tourist attraction spot for people who loves to explore cold areas. With its roaring waterfalls and rivers, meandering streams, glaciers covered with thick pine forests, you will definitely be going to love this spot while spending your vacations.

Swat valley is blessed with an abundance of Alpine meadows and snow-covered peaks lushed with green fields, which will set your mood for a perfect traveling destination. Here in this article, we are going to guide you with the list of top hotels in which you can stay while you visit Swat valley in Pakistan.

But, before that, we will discuss the top tourist attractions in Swat along with the things you can do in Swat. So, let’s get started with this.

History of Swat

Swat valley is described as udyanae that means the garden in Hindu epics. While we talk about Sanskrit text like Rigveda, then it is referred to as “Suvastu.” Swat is known to be the major center of Buddhism due to its cultural achievements and different highlights of ancient civilizations.

There are still stupas and marks found in the Swat valley at the top of the mountains. These stupas and marks belong to the ancient Buddhism culture present at the nearby regions of Swat.

This peak tourist destination has a minimum temperature of 21 degrees Celsius in June while 18^C in September. Such a pleasant temperature makes swat valley a popular destination among people. There are many tourist attractions available at Swat. They are listed below.

Tourist attractions at Swat valley

There are different amazing places you can visit in Swat valley. If you want to enjoy a ski tour, then you can visit Malam Jabba to get stunning sky views or a Fiza Ghat to enjoy a picnic with your family.

This amazing valley is surrounded by snow-covered mountains with lush green forests that are worth seeking. Most of the tourists love the Swat valley for its beautiful scenery and adventurous activities like hiking, fishing, trekking, etc.  So, let us dig deep into various places you can visit at Swat valley.

Tourist attractions in Swat valley

1. Kalam Valley

This amazing place is located at few distances from Mingora, situated in the northern upper regions of Swat. You must visit this place to enjoy the lush greenery of dense forests and natural lakes. Here you can easily spend the night enjoying cold weather. Those who love to do camping must visit this amazing place.

2. Malam Jabba

This is another popular destination of Swat valley. It has only a ski resort in Pakistan from where you can enjoy scenic views. The Malam Jabba is a beautiful place surrounded by beautiful forests. It offers you large facilities to do summer sports activities with ease. Get indulge in the beauty of this place, which is known as the paradise of skiers.

3. Bahrain

This popular mountain and tourist attraction is situated along with the Wadi Swat. You can enjoy the traditional culture of Swat along with local handicrafts, views of two lakes at this destination. This place attracts various tourists with its pleasant climate and a combination of two lakes.

These are the top 3 famous destinations and tourist attractions you must visit in Swat valley. Now let us discuss the famous hotels you can choose while staying at Swat valley.

Top Hotels you can choose while staying at Swat valley

Besides giving you an immense experience with its beauty, the swat valley is filled with various famous hotels to stay with. You can book up these hotels where rooms are available at affordable prices. The list of top hotels with low rates is mentioned below.

1. Bahrain Continental Hotel

This is one of the best hotels in the Bahrain region of Swat valley. If you are traveling to the Swat valley with your friends or family, then you should stay at this hotel, as it provides you with the best facility to stay in. If we compared this hotel to other hotels available in this area, then this hotel provides a large number of the facility to your guests.

It has an indoor parking area and elevator available so that you can relax and enjoy comfort. This hotel also encompasses the internet, 24/7 electricity with a power backup generator. Book your rooms in this hotel and enjoy your journey with comfort.

2. Hotel Dimsun

This hotel topped the list of best hotels as they provide various benefits to their guests. This hotel is located in Main Bazaar in Bahrain city of Swat. You can easily afford this hotel as it is designed for low budget travelers. You can easily book a home in Swat valley online at the best rates.

3. Marina Hotel

This is the other famous hotel located in the infamous town of Swat valley that is Bahrain. It has a 24/7 facility that allows you to stay on a low budget. If you have been traveling in the Swat valley with your own vehicle, then you can easily park your vehicle in the parking area of this hotel.

You will get a wide range of traditional foods at this hotel. So, enjoy all kinds of meals during your stay at the Marina hotel. You can easily book rooms at this hotel at cheap rates.

4. Kingsbury hotel

Another famous hotel embedded with various facilities is the Kingsbury hotel. This hotel is located at Kalam road in Bahrain swat. You can easily enjoy your day relaxing at well-furnished rooms equipped with all the basic facilities. You can book your rooms easily in Kingsbury hotel at cheap prices online.

5. Madina Tower Hotel in Swat

One of the best hotels you could choose to stay with your friends and families is the Madina Tower hotel. This best hotel is located in the main bazaar of Bahrain Swat. You will easily get standard as well as deluxe rooms available at cheap rates. You will get various other facilities like parking, wifi, electricity, and the best food at this hotel.


In this article, we have given you a proper guide on the Swat valley. This amazing destination is very popular among travelers. You can easily enjoy the cool weather and capture the night scenery.

We have also listed the famous destinations and places that you can visit in the Swat valley. You can easily enjoy the incredible weather conditions along with the best scenic view. So, visit this destination and enjoy your journey.

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