Best Android Terminal Emulator

Android Terminal Emulator is application software that emulates the Linux Operating system on an android device.

Linux Operating System

Linux Operating System

Linux is just like Windows and Mac OS, an operating system. The function of an operating system is to act as a communication manager between the software and hardware.

If you don’t have an operating system, your software will not function. Below are some of the pieces of the Linux operating system:

  • Bootloader: Whenever we start the computer, a program called boot program is loaded in the working memory of the computer.
  • Kernel: Kernel is the core of the system and it manages CPU, memory, and peripheral devices. It is also known as the lowest level of OS.
  • Daemons: These are the background programs (printing, sound, etc.) that starts during the boot loading or after you log into the desktop.
  • Applications: Linux offers many high-quality software titles that can easily be found and installed, just like in the case of Windows and Mac OS.

Why use Linux?

To answer this question, first, you have to answer this, Is your current operating system working fine? Or, do you find yourself struggling with problems of viruses, slowdowns, crashes, costly repairs, licensing fees, etc. If the answer is Yes, then Linux is the best option for an operating system. Linux is a very reliable platform with zero cost of entry and the desktop solution is just perfect.

Mobile technology has seen rapid growth around the world. It is estimated that around 5 billion people have mobile devices. With more users shifting focus towards mobile devices, it is in the best interest of the businesses to focus on the same thing.

Android is one of the best platforms for mobile devices and the distribution of users using android is more when compared to its competitors. So, application software that emulates the Linux operating system on the android device will certainly add value and benefit different stakeholders. Using this emulator, you can modify various parameters on your mobile device and get control over all the important features.

Below are some of the best Android Terminal Emulators:

Shell Commander:

This is a free application that is made on Eclipse, Gimp, Inkscape. The application is available in the system maintenance list of apps, part of system utilities. The process to install the app is very simple, you just have to click on the link available on their website.

The link will take you to Google Play and the rest will be taken care of. It includes functionalities like – Easy use graphical user interface for accessing the shell, the text editor contains all the necessary functions, superuser support, and macros are supported in Shell Commander.

Android Terminal Emulator:

The application lets you access the command line interface of Linux and you can execute the commands from there. Since android is based on Linux, you can modify various parameters like color and size of the fonts, keyboard type, and developers can modify the shell itself. This specific application works efficiently on rooted and non-rooted mobile devices. You will be able to modify and customize various things with multiple functional support.


It is one of the most trusted and fastest android terminal emulators. The mobile device should be rooted to use this application. The application has over 20 million installs and more than 100,000 5 star ratings. The application provides wide-ranging facilities. It dispenses many standard Unix tools, many GNU Core Utilities. For embedded devices, it is advised to use Busybox because of its small executable design. There are two versions of the application available, free and pro ones.

Script Manager:

Script Manager is a free application with multi-facet features. It can be used as a multi-support emulator and a script editor. The script executables can be selected at the scheduled time (cron jobs). You can manage and run shell scripts in the file system.

If you are a developer and have root access, you can run the script as a superuser. The of the unique offering of the application is that you can use QR codes to insert code into your scripts. This application offers a variety of features which gives it a slight advantage over the competitors.


Termux is a powerful terminal tool with extensive Linux package collection. Users can use bash and zsh shells on this platform. The application is built in C with clang, make, and gdb. It can support a large extent of programming languages. Termux is a precious application with the required features you need in an emulator. The application has over 10 million downloads on the play store.

Linux Deploy:

Linux Deploy enables easy installation of Operating System (OS) GNU/Linux on your android mobile device. The procedure employed by the application is simple, it creates a disk image on the flash card, mounts it, and finally installs the OS. The application does require root privileges. The application also supports multiple languages and its supported distributions are Alpine, Debian, Ubuntu, Kali, etc. The functionalities let you start and stop the services of the new system through the UI.

Complete Linux Installer:

The name of the application describes it aptly. Complete Linux Installer is a full packaged solution for installing Linux distros on android mobile devices. The distros include Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Kali Linux, etc. The requirements are simple: the device must be rooted, the device must have the kernel which supports loop devices, Armv7 processor, and free RAM.


Computing can be defined as any activity that needs, benefiting from, or creating computer machinery. Computing nowadays is evolving with rapid speed. The devices are becoming more and more mobile. So, using an emulator and creating more inclusion in this area will benefit all.

An emulator is a hardware or software that empowers one computing system to act like another computing system. Linux is an open-source, free, and efficient platform for developers as well as non-developers. With android terminal emulators one can perform many tasks which are unique to Linux. So, don’t wait, turn your android devices into a Linux device and start executing scripts.

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