Why More People Should Buy a Refurbished Phone

New Smartphones such as the iPhones series cost a fortune and may be out of reach of many consumers. Luckily, shrewd buyers know how to find value in the market by going for refurbished phones. Refurbishments offer relatively similar quality for a fraction of the price of a new Smartphone.

What Does “Refurbished” Mean?

Refurbished phones are devices that customers return to the parent company because of some faults. The company corrects the problem before reselling it as an inferior version of the premium phone. Most of the phones have not been used for long because buyers return them within a few days of purchase. Sometimes the phones are almost similar to new ones because the original buyer did not fancy the new phone and returned it before the expiry of the trial period. In other cases, buyers return a perfectly functional device for an upgrade. Either way, the buyer ends up with a new Smartphone at a discount price.

Consumer research

There is overwhelming research evidence indicating that phone users love refurbishments. A survey conducted by Consumer Reports in 2018 demonstrated that the majority of the buyers of renewed phones are satisfied with their phones and enjoyed the shopping experience. In fact, the level of satisfaction was relatively similar to that of those who bought new phones.

Reputable Sellers

Gone are the days when renewed phones were only available on the black market or from some dodgy vendors on eBay. Today most retailers have a division that deals with used phones while several reputable online platforms sell refurbishments with binding contracts, including warranties. Apart from providing warranties, major retailers only stock renewed phones that have been used for less than a month and in good condition. This ensures that most of their phones are devoid of physical deformities and functional problems.

They Have a Mature Market

Both Apple and Samsung sell refurbishments that comes with all the accessories and sleek features associated with new phones. However, phones from other retailers may have some defects. The most cited problems for devices from retailers are old batteries that are not as good as new ones and accessories that are not from the original manufacturer.

Most retailers grade a renewed phone depending on its condition. For instance, a Grade A iPhone 6 is as good as a new phone and will go for more than a Grade C, which may have some scratches and lack some accessories. While Apple, Samsung, and a few other retailers offer a 12-month warranty, most sellers offer between 30 to 90-day warranties.

Benefits of refurbished phones

⦁ Refurbishments are much cheaper than brand new phones sometimes going for up to ten times lower than the price of new phones. They help you stretch your budget if you have limited finances.

⦁ The phone is fully functional because the manufacturer or reseller has checked it and determined that it has all the capabilities of a new phone. Furthermore, most sellers provide a warranty of up to one year, implying that you can return it for replacement or repair if it develops problems.

⦁ The Refurbishment saves you the stress of the financially draining hire purchase arrangements used for new phones. It is much cheaper than the new phone, meaning that you can buy it outright.

⦁ Major phone companies such as Apple provide software upgrades for their renewed phones, so buyers need not fret about being locked out of their ecosystem.

Final Words

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