6 facts you need to know about electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are also known as e cigarettes, e cigs, vape pens vaporizer cigarettes and electronic nicotine delivery systems. They are supposed to help people quit smoking and people have been successful, in giving up smoking normal cigarettes. E cigarettes are very popular among youngsters in the United States. Let us look at some facts that you need to know about e cigarettes.

6 facts you need to know about electronic cigarettes

There is concern among some groups that youngsters in the age group of 18 to 24 years have started vaping for its own sake and not to give up smoking. Of course e cigarettes are safer compared to normal cigarettes, but they have their own effects. Another concern is that right now there is not much data available regarding the real hazards of vaping. However, let us see the clear picture as it is available today regarding the benefits of e cigarettes over normal cigarettes and the risks they pose.

  • E cigarettes do not contain the harmful compounds like tar that are present in normal cigarettes. In faced combustible cigarettes have 2000 harmful chemicals that can harm the health of the smoker. On the other hand e cigarettes only have nicotine. Even the base liquid usually used in them is used in inhalers meant for asthma hence it is considered to  be safe compared to normal cigarettes.
  • You can even get e cigarette juice which does not have nicotine so that you don’t get addicted to the substance. Nicotine is highly addictive and it is advisable that if you are not trying to quit smoking then you should opt for e cigarettes without nicotine.
  • Then again you should opt for good quality e cigarettes and e juices in order to avoid harm to your health. Like all new trends many people have jumped on the band wagon of making and selling e cigarettes, but all of them may not be of desirable quality.
  • Some people have found e cigarettes help them to quit smoking combustible cigarettes and this is what these devices should be used for. However, people who vape for its own sake should understand that although their e cigs may not contain nicotine, vaping can cause psychological dependence. This has been observed in many cases.
  • Some research also shows that although e cigarettes are not as harmful as normal cigarettes, they may also be harmful for health.
  • The United States FDA has established some rules and regulations regarding the manufacturing and sales of e cigs. Other countries also need to do the same.

The e cigarettes as we know them were invented by a Chinese pharmacist, Hon Lik when he was working for Golden Dragon Holdings which is now known as Ruyan. This company started exporting to major markets in 2005 to 2006, but now there are 460 brands available in the US market itself. Of course a patent for a smokeless non tobacco cigarette was requested by Herbert A. Gilbert, but the device that is available nowadays did not appear till 2003.

Let us look at how e cigarettes work:

E cigarettes have – a mouth piece, a heating element, a rechargeable battery and electronic circuits.

When you pull on the mouthpiece it activates the heating element and this turns the e juice into vapor. The person then inhales this vapor and hence the term vaping is used for e cigarette consumption. The nicotine content in the e cigarette liquid or juice can vary from zero to extra high. The usually percentage is 24 tto 36 milligram per milliliter.

The mouthpiece is essentially a cartridge attached to the end of a tube and a small chamber within this cartridge holds an absorbent material which is drenched with the e juice. The cartridge can either be replaced with another cartridge or it can be refilled. Different models have different options

The atomizer is actually a heating element which heats the liquid and turns it into vapor. You can breathe in this solution or inhale it.

The batter is usually a rechargeable lithium ion battery and it can power the heating element.

The sensor activates the heater when you pull on the mouthpiece, usually an LED shows when it is active, but this may not be the case with all e cigs.

The e liquid also known as e juice is made of a base which is usually propylene glycol. Nicotine is extracted from tobacco and mixed with the base. Propylene glycol is used in inhalers meant for asthma. You can choose from a wide variety of flavors which have fancy names. Some flavors use a combination which resembles the flavor of normal cigarettes.

Easy availability

E cigarettes are easily available in stores and online on sites like Vapor4Life. You should be careful to choose the right quality of e cigarettes. This is because some spurious products along with harmful e juices are also being circulated in the market. Hence when you buy e cigs online make sure to study the website thoroughly to understand that they are following all the rules and regulations pertaining to their manufacture.

It is also advisable that you look for e liquid which has propylene glycol as the base because this is the safest form of e juice available in the market. Another important task when purchasing e cigarettes online is to read the reviews and testimonials written by earlier customers of any particular ecommerce site selling e cigarettes and juices.    

A little research online will help you understand the quality of e cigarettes and e juices available on any particular website. As mentioned above you should read the reviews and testimonials on the e cigarette website that you are thinking of purchasing your e cigarette from.

Then again there are many independent websites which publish such reviews and testimonials narrating their experience with different websites selling e cigarettes. These reviews and testimonials will help you understand the quality of products available on any particular website. This in turn will help you to narrow down on any one website which you can trust completely.

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