Latin American Software Outsourcing – How it can Benefit Your Business

Software outsourcing to countries in Latin America has grown tremendously over the past decade or so. For many companies in the US, Latin American software outsourcing has wide-ranging benefits over other destinations around the world. Today, Latin American companies are providing more diverse service options than ever before.

Latin America Software Outsourcing – Columbia, Mexico and Peru

While costs of some onshore labor tend to be slightly higher than other global regions such as Eastern Europe and Asia, outsourcing software to Latin American countries such as Mexico, Colombia and Peru remains a bargain compared to the hourly rates in the US. Everything from the workday overlap and robust IT programs, to close travel proximity and remarkable cultural similarities and language skills. These benefits make Latin America a popular outsourcing choice for many small as well as large companies to grow their employee base and cut their costs.

Latin America Software Outsourcing - Columbia, Mexico and Peru

Outsourcing to Colombia

Colombia is part of the CIVETS. Of all the CIVETS countries, Colombia offers the best outsourcing opportunities for US companies because the time zone is similar and it also offers a westernized culture. Each year tens of thousands of technical professionals in IT-related fields and engineering graduate from Colombian universities, adding to an already tech-savvy workforce. Colombians also have a generally optimistic culture.

Outsourcing to Mexico

Mexico is the next-door neighbor to the US, which means the communication levels will be excellent. This is because Mexico is in the same time-zone as the US, so you don’t have to wait unlike countries on the other side of the world. The universities in Mexico have had an increase of graduates studying STEM, too. This is a bonus because there are plenty of software development roles being filled. Developers in Mexico are steady as well, which means it’s likely the developer you begin with is the one you finish the project with.

Outsourcing to Peru

Many businesses are seeing Peru as a great investment destination, and for good reason. The county boasts a vibrant economy. According to the 2017 Peru Service Summit, digital marketing, software, BPO, video game services and animation, and architecture will be widely available, and about $85 million is projected. The rise in foreign direct investment also mirrors the country’s overall positive performance.

There are plenty of bright technical engineers graduating from Peruvian universities. They are fluent in English and familiar with the business mindset and culture of the US.

In Conclusion

With the numerous opportunities available, it’s no surprise that Latin American software outsourcing is the fastest growing industry. There’s an ever-growing demand for skilled IT talent in the United States and beyond. Lastly, small time differences between the US and Latin American countries make briefings and project management much faster.


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