SureSafe Medical Alarms: Protection Every Senior Should Have

For senior citizens, peace of mind and protection in the event of an accident are hard to come by. With that said, these things don’t need to be hard to come by, and as it happens, they are prominent byproducts of today’s alarms for the elderly. Consequently, more and more seniors are turning to the advantages of safety alarms with each passing day.

Personal safety alarms—particularly those that are manufactured and supported by reputable companies, including our top-notch team here at SureSafe—provide senior citizens with reliable, easy-to-use alarm products that connect them with emergency-service professionals when activated. Additionally, our products include several features besides service connectivity, including the opportunity to communicate with loved ones, the opportunity to provide loved ones with GPS location information, and the opportunity to monitor falls, amongst many others. These features culminate to make seniors as safe and protected as can be.

Let’s take a look at some of the SureSafe alarms that every elderly individual should consider utilizing in his or her home!

SureSafe Medical Alarms

SureSafeGo Alarms

Our SureSafeGo products are unique in that they provide seniors with protection both in and out of the home. That’s right—active and on-the-go elderly individuals can purchase one of these reliable units to have a direct line to emergency services during all hours of the day and night. These alarms also feature GPS technology, making it easy to verify a senior citizen’s location at any time.

SureSafeGo units are as cutting-edge as can be, and there really is something to be said for having 24/7 protection everywhere. Plus, family members can be certain that their elderly relatives are where they’re supposed to be—and in seconds, no less.

Fall Detection Alarms

Our fall detection alarms are perfect for independent senior citizens who have fallen in the past and/or who appear to be at-risk of suffering a fall in the future. These hands-off alarms are simple in theory, but the benefits they provide in practice are unparalleled. When a senior citizen slips or falls, this alarm notifies emergency responders.

As one of our most popular products, the fall detection alarm is recommended for each and every senior citizen today. The odds of an accident occurring are small, but if and when the unexpected does happen, fall detection alarms will provide seniors with the protection and assistance they need.

Friend and Family Alarms

Not all troubling situations require emergency services. For protection against inconveniences, worries, concerns, and potentially problematic developments, our friend and family alarms are the way to go.

These small, portable, and stylish alarms allow three phone numbers of close friends and/or family members to be dialed by a senior in an instant. In this way, prompt responses to unexpected difficulties can be received by seniors, and assistance—from an emergency-response professional or an individual—can be expedited.

There’s never been a better time than today for seniors to become protected from the unknown.

For a very low upfront cost, senior citizens and their family members can receive the comfort, peace of mind, and freedom that they deserve. To be sure, in their most basic form, that’s all our products represent: an opportunity for seniors to stay as independent and happy as possible for as long as possible.

Thanks for reading, and don’t think twice about investing in one or more of the products listed here. Deciding which of these products is best for a particular senior is as easy as sitting down and phoning one of our team members at 0800-112-3201.

Take a step towards being protected tomorrow by purchasing one of our alarms for the elderly today.


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